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The proven value of aligning your marketing campaigns

We take a look at how aligning marketing campaigns across customer touch points leads to improved performance for e-commerce sites.

The holiday season is big, everybody knows that. But just how big?

According to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, the UK holiday season’s e-commerce revenue, measured from the week of Black Friday to the end of the year, grew 12% compared to 2014 – rising to £24.4 billion. As you might expect, most of this money was spent during the week of Black Friday – about 17%.

Since there is a lot to gain for companies, competition is fierce, especially in the upper funnel where acquisition of potential revenue takes place. In this battle, companies try to be as creative, competitive, and relevant as possible to win over the wallets of potential visitors.

And being this relevant is important…

There is various literature – from books to academic papers – stating that a relevant brand creates a stronger brand identity, broader brand awareness, and better explained points of difference from competitors resulting in better performance.

But once you’ve gained awareness, how do you close the deal?

You fought hard for every visitor, so naturally you want to close the deal. But there are still loads of reasons, especially during key events, why someone might abandon your website and leave their cart behind.

From acquisition to conversion, there are a lot of touch points, so it seems logical to align all your campaigns, right?

Unfortunately, over the holiday period, not all our clients aligned the content of their online campaigns. While there are probably good reasons for this, it’s certainly a missed opportunity.

We did some digging in our data (of which we have a lot) to see how big exactly this missed opportunity was. We grabbed 80 UK retail clients and indexed the revenue of visitors who actively engaged with our products on their website:

Holiday season e-commerce data

Displayed in grey, are the companies that didn’t align the content of their Yieldify activities in line with the ongoing key events. Stacked upon that – in yellow – is the other half of companies who used our products, but with content that was relevant to the key events.

From Black Friday (week 48), to Cyber Monday (week 49), and all the way into the Holiday Season (week 49 – 53) we can see a positive impact on revenue influenced by targeting visitors with relevant content. The Black Friday peak is easy to identify with a +70 points difference between the two groups, but even around Christmas revenue was up between +5 and +31 points compared to the first week of November. These are respectively 27%, 5%, and 30% differences.

In summary, with every customer touch point, from entry to exit, the content you present should be up to date and relevant to convert more and therefore get better results. It’s an easy win.

As an e-commerce manager, focus on the upcoming events such as Valentine’s day and Easter. Get in touch with your Account Manager at Yieldify to plan these campaigns, or, if you’re not working with us yet – get in touch to find out how we can help you convert more visitors.