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Why mums are rallying for higher conversion rates this Mother’s Day

In an unprecedented move, Yieldify’s mum is taking over our blog with her new organisation, Mums for More Conversions. Brace yourselves.

Hello everyone!

As the collective mum of Yieldify, I’m very excited to finally be able to talk to you all directly (I’ve been asking for a long time to see the office but they never let me).

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that Mother’s Day is very important. A good, thoughtful gift (not vouchers, never vouchers) is crucial, even though we will occasionally (40% of the time, apparently) pretend it isn’t. It is.

Now, it seems like lots of our grown-up offspring are having trouble making sure this happens and they often say things like ‘oh, I didn’t realise I had to order so soon’ or ‘I got confused on the checkout page’ or ‘I figured I’d come back later and order it then I forgot’. In other words, they’re not making that purchase online (and they haven’t seen the inside of an M&S for years except to buy salad).

We believe it’s time to stop this nonsense once and for all. Make website experiences SO GOOD that they never have an excuse again!

That’s why I’ve banded together a group of Yieldify mums and other concerned mums to form Mums for More Conversions.

Our mission: to make marketers and “e-commerce” professionals think properly about conversion rate optimisation so that they can make lots of sales before Mother’s Day. A win for mums who get the right gifts and a win for marketers who increase their conversion rates!

We’ve worked with Yieldify to create a lovely e-book full of data-driven tips and tricks to make more sales this Mother’s Day and we’re shouting about it from the rooftops – come to our new site to find out more!

Lots of love,

Yieldify’s mum and Mums for More Conversions