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Join our webinar – 6 simple ways to increase average order value

In our upcoming webinar with inventory software provider Veeqo, we’ll be discussing simple ways in which you can increase average order value. Join us on Wednesday, April 19th to find out how to encourage your customer to spend that little extra.

It’s every e-commerce professional’s aim to increase conversions – but what about increasing revenue by putting equal focus on increasing average order value? With smart up-selling and cross-selling, you multiply your opportunities to make an impact on the bottom line. After all, if you’re doing the work to secure the conversion, this is simply a question of optimising your efforts!

We’ve joined forces with Veeqo in order to share some of the best practice principles and examples that we’ve gathered through running AOV campaigns for our clients. In this free webinar, our CEO Jay Radia will explore our top six easily-executed tactics to increase your customers’ average spend.

With real-life examples from Yieldify’s clients around the world such as HMV and Rum21, you’ll learn the key principles to making sure that your store offers your customers just the right reason to add a little more to the cart.

Whether or not you’re a Yieldify or Veeqo customer, you can join the webinar for free on Wednesday April 19th at 4pm GMT (11am ET, 8am PT). Simply click to register.

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