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How OVO Energy used reassurance messages to boost conversions by 18%

OVO Energy is disrupting the industry. In a space dominated by the ‘big six’, the award-winning company is changing how customers choose their energy providers – but how do they get their website visitors to commit to a switch?

OVO Energy was founded in 2009 with a clear and simple vision – to create the world’s most trusted energy company. While ‘the Big 6’ dominate UK energy services, OVO has established itself in the market as a trusted provider.

This is no mean feat: most of your potential customers will already be under contract with another provider, so convincing them to switch will depend not only on how easy it is to switch or the quality of your service, but your ability to instill and reinforce that trust.

With Yieldify, OVO Energy has been able to encourage its website visitors to make that all-important switch, re-engage those abandoning by highlighting their exceptional Trustpilot score. This used social proof to reassure customers and keep them on track to completion, increasing conversions by 18%.

Click the preview below to download the case study and find out how you can:

  • leverage social proof at crucial points for conversion
  • create brand trust using targeted onsite remarketing
  • be like OVO and beat form abandonment and boost conversions