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How Heartier grew website revenue and captured thousands of leads

Highlighting promotions and engaging website browsers at perfect moment has worked a treat for quality food supplier Heartier; check out their case study.

Meat boxes have been a topic of some debate these last few years, but if one thing’s clear, it’s that consumers want quality.

Just as even the choicest cuts available in the supermarket may struggle to compare with what you can get from a specialist butcher, online shoppers who crave a fresh-from-the-farm feel will seek out providers that can meet their expectations.

Considering that 54% of consumers prefer locally-sourced meat and dairy produce – and that meat contributes to 14% of the weekly shopping cost – there’s clearly a great opportunity here for savvy brands with great product.

But selling items that might be described as luxury is difficult in this market. Customers need to feel like they’re not only getting something high quality but also their money’s worth.

So how do specialist stores entice prospective web customers to purchase from them – and tempt them away from the supermarket?

Ask Heartier. Using the Yieldify Conversion Platform, the specialist supplier has been able to deliver great customer journeys that convert. Read a few of the ways in which they optimised their site to increase their leads and conversions:

Setting the tone

First order incentive

As with any vertical, it’s essential that the customer feels reassured of your product quality and warmly welcomed into your site. On arrival into the Heartier site, a new visitor is greeted with an overlay offering them a discount off their first order. This incentive, alongside the already inviting website, worked to minimise abandonment and highlight the affordability of their product. With the cost of meat dropping in recent years, Heartier ensured their accesible prices caught the attention of any new visitor.

The personal touch

Newsletter sign-up for returning visitors

Heartier wanted to ensure repeat customers and ensure they became the first-choice for meat purchases. As 39% of customers branch away from their chosen supermarket in search of better quality and cheaper prices, the reassuring tone of their notification (triggering on pages after a brief time delay), showcased special offers which generated more leads for the brand. The sense of urgency to gain quick access to offers and recipes, coupled with their social proof features, encouraged returning visitors to engage further.

Expert voice


Independently-sourced produce is one of the USPs of Heartier. The site’s subtle corner notification, which appeared across all devices, was a gentle reminder of the vast range of produce available to all visitors and the high quality of all items. The team’s expertise is further showcased with the ‘perfect for’ drop-down list on produce pages. With options ranging from ‘hangover’ to ‘romantic dinner’, Heartier again signals to all visitors that whatever their cooking intention, they have a product available for them to purchase.