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Webinar: 6 top tips for connecting with Gen Z

Move over Millennials: there are new kids in town. Join our webinar on November 8th to get to know the next generation of consumers and discover 6 top tips for how your brand can connect with them.

Brace yourself for feeling old because Generation Z – those born from the mid 90s to mid-00s – are starting to shop. Considering that 82% of teens are already spending online, it’s increasingly important to understand who these consumers are, how they behave and how (and how not) to engage them with your brand.

Join Maybelline New York’s Digital Specialist Ella Tsang and Yieldify’s Head of Marketing Hannah Stewart on Wednesday, November 8th at 4:00 pm (GMT) to find out:

  • Gen Zers’ key online behaviours
  • The key differences between Gen Z and Millennials
  • The best channels for reaching Gen Z
  • Great ways top brands are already engaging Gen Z

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