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After GDPR: replenish your email database with Yieldify

If you (somehow) weren’t aware, GDPR comes into force today. This news will likely create mixed feelings: on the one hand, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief after months (or a few manic weeks) of reviewing and updating your approach to customer data. On the other, you’ll be wondering what’s going to happen now. Were the steps you took enough? What will be the impact of the changes you’ve made on your next campaign?

To prep for GDPR, you’ll have likely purged your email subscriber records, deleting contacts that hadn’t clearly opted-in or didn’t meet the criteria for legitimate interest. Fewer contact records mean your campaigns are going to reach fewer people – and that may hinder your ability to impact the bottom line. Considering that email generates the highest ROI for marketers with $38 for every $1 spend, that’s actually a pretty big problem.

It isn’t all bad of course: while in the near-term your emails are going to hit fewer inboxes, your pre-GDPR clean-up means your list is full of users that actually want to receive them. That indicates a higher intent to purchase, so what you’ve lost on volume, you stand to gain on conversion rate.

But what are you going to do to increase your subscriber list and maintain that quality combination of consent and high intent to purchase? The answer: create opportunities to opt-in throughout the customer journey.

GDPR opt-in checkbox campaign example 1

 Your website: the perfect place to opt-in

A well-timed incentive targeted to the right customer at the right moment can be just what it takes to turn a casual website browser into an opted-in subscriber. Yieldify’s expert team can identify the best opportunities within your website customer journey and put in place experiences that capture email addresses with express opt-in.


GDPR opt-in checkbox campaign example 2


Tools to help you show consent

Transparency is at the heart of GDPR. If you’re going to contact customers, you’re going to need to prove a ‘lawful basis on processing’. The Yieldify Conversion Platform can help you capture consent by letting you include an opt-in checkbox in any campaign.

When you export customer data, every opted-in user will be marked as ‘true’, giving you a record of every customer that demonstrated consent. You can also customise text next to the checkbox to link out to your privacy policy or provide other relevant information. Read more about what Yieldify has done in advance of the GDPR here.

Replenish your email database – and drive conversions

Yieldify campaigns can serve more than one objective: in the same interaction, you can encourage customers to opt-in to communication and give them a reasons to purchase. The Yieldify team are veterans at delivering this strategy, having helped brands like furniture retailer RUM21 double its lead database and drive a 106% increase in conversions from targeted first-time visitors or festival operator We Are FSTVL achieve an 8% increase in lead capture and 10% increase in ticket sales.

With this approach, you can give customers a reason to buy now and in the same action secure the means to grow their relationship over time.

GDPR opt-in checkbox campaign example 3 AB testing

In exchange for joining your newsletter, you might also want to A/B test offering incentives against simply highlighting your brand USPs. And if the customer doesn’t want to sign up to your marcomms, they don’t have to opt-in to receive the incentive, meaning you can still influence a conversion, but on their terms.