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Infographic: How We Book Now

Understanding the travel customer journey with insights from 1000 consumers…

This travel infographic summarizes the most important data from our research report into the online behaviors of travel consumers, as featured in PhocusWire and Travolution. The research focused on understanding how consumers research and book travel now, split by 5 key segments: generation, gender, trip type, market and product type. The results give a fascinating insight into the evolution of the travel customer journey over the last few years, and what travel brands need to do to succeed heading into 2020.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 41.7% of Consumers are now spending more time booking than 5 years ago, despite digital innovation, with the average consumer now researching their next trip 4.19 months before departure.
  • This increase in time spent by consumers is being driven by two main behavioral trends. Firstly, with consumers now acting as their own travel agents – many of them (48%) booking each part of their vacation separately – there are multiple purchase journeys to each trip. 
  • Secondly, as the number of travel websites has exploded, the research stage of the customer journey now has no limits. This leads to ‘analysis paralysis’, as more than half (50.15%) of consumers visit more or many more sites than 5 years ago, and 78% of travellers say they now visit multiple sites when deciding where to go. 
  • When it comes to actually securing the booking, competition on price is no longer the only option for travel brands. While price still has a larger role in attracting consumers to travel sites, it only just edges out previous experience (48.6% vs 45.7%). 

Check out the infographic below for more insights into the travel customer journey, or download the full report here.

Travel customer journey infographic

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