The eCommerce Statistics Report Q3 2017

Published: Oct 24, 2017

Yieldify gathered data from 400 e-commerce websites across the world in order to show you the latest industry trends in Q3 2017. Here’s what we found…

How have conversion rates changed this quarter?

Conversion rates in retail grew consistently over the summer, with travel also taking a leap towards the end of the quarter. Finance, on the other hand, saw a decline…

Conversion rates for online retail between Q2 and Q3 2017

Finance suffers the highest bounce rate

While each vertical loses half of its visitors immediately, finance websites struggle the most with getting their traffic to linger.

Bounce rate in Q3 2017

Customers researched holidays in August, but purchased in September

New visitor traffic to travel e-commerce sites peaked at 65% in August – however, conversion rates only rose from 5% to 7% in September.

This could mean customers are waiting for more affordable travel packages. Are you highlighting your best deals?

 Conversion rates from August to September 2017

The 5-minute mark

The likelihood of retail e-commerce customers converting increases up to 14% after 5 minutes. As you’d expect, the trend continues the longer a customer stays on site – does your site’s CR trend reflect this?

Retail e-commerce conversion rates vs time spent on site

Q3’s retail AOV grew

Average retail order value grew 9% from its level in Q2, with AOV peaking at £117.80 in August. Those summer sales were popular…

Q3 2017 average order value for online retail

Desktop is still king for conversions

Mobile might be the device to watch when it comes to traffic, but desktop still wins when it comes to conversion rates.

Conversion rate by device

Does your e-commerce store match up to what you see here? If not, we can help. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you turn your traffic into sales.