Introducing Real-Time Social Proof: The Easy Way to Use FOMO to Increase Conversions

Introducing Real-Time Social Proof – triggered onsite messages that use live website traffic data to show the number of other shoppers viewing products in real time.

A key reason that we buy comes down to how popular we think a product is. We’re magnetised to the hottest trend, the latest release, the new game in town.

The thing is, it’s often the case that customers browsing your site have little to no idea which products are popular with other shoppers – and that’s a problem because knowing what’s hot and what’s not can influence purchase decisions. Seeing that a product is popular increases feelings of urgency and FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) – both of which are compelling triggers according to behavioural psychologists.

With new Real-Time Social Proof for the Yieldify Conversion Platform, you can give your visitors a live insight into what other shoppers are showing interest in.

And what’s more, the message you display can dynamically change in real time based on how many visitors have been browsing that particular item.

Already used to great success by early adopters Kickers and Butterfly Twists (click the brand name to read their success stories in full), Real-Time Social Proof is now available to all users of the Yieldify Conversion Platform.

Dynamic Social Proof from Yieldify

FOMO boosts conversions

One of the most powerful marketing tactics you can use is social proof – the proven notion in behavioural psychology that we look to what others are doing to help us in our decision-making.

There are many effective ways you can leverage this to improve your e-commerce performance, but a key one is FOMO. You’ve probably heard this used in reference to Millennials, and with good reason; FOMO has caused 68% of millennials to make a purchase. The more popular a product feels, the stronger the sense of urgency a customer will feel to have it for fear that they’ll be missing out if they don’t.

A shopping experience that converts

Using Real-Time Social Proof, you can create FOMO in your customers by showing them which products are popular in any given moment, motivating a purchase decision there and then. Using a well-timed notification, you can show them how many other shoppers are viewing the same item – and that can make the difference between them ‘adding to-basket’ or closing a tab.

Dynamic Social Proof on a notification

Dynamic Social Proof campaigns are easy to create on the Yieldify Conversion Platform, requiring no coding or additional integrations. All you need to do is log in to the platform, choose the Dynamic Social Proof campaign type, design the format, set the targeting and send it live. For a set up walkthrough, visit our knowledge base.

Watch it in action

Check out this video to find out more about Real-Time Social Proof, the problem it helps you solve and how you can use it to bring your e-commerce store to life with a shopping experience that converts:

Try it for yourself!

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