Using Personalization to Turn Website Traffic Into Sales Revenue


Conversion rate uplift across all Yieldify campaigns


Increase in average order value (AOV)


Increase in lead capture rate

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This health and wellness brand helps people live fuller lives through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health, fitness, and natural beauty. See how they worked together with Yieldify to turn website traffic into sales revenue.


With a dedicated following on social media and high-profile celebrity advocates, our client had garnered high interest and awareness from consumers across the globe.

However, the team found that 90% of users were exiting without adding an item to their cart – meaning that this hard-won traffic was not progressing past an initial browse.

Our client needed a strategy that would successfully segment website traffic by intent and drive it towards two goals: lead capture for higher-funnel and conversion for lower-funnel.


Our client engaged Yieldify’s team of expert consultants and designers to develop two winning strategies.

Strategy 1: Turning new visitors into subscribers

The first strategy was targeted at new visitors. Yieldify’s analysis recognized that in the early stages of consideration, an aggressive push for an in-session sale could be counterproductive. The team, therefore, developed a strategy aimed at lead capture, which would allow our client to continue to remarket to these visitors over time.

This layered lead capture strategy worked in two stages. Upon entry, new visitors were shown a 15% off incentive in exchange for signing up for the client’s newsletter. This served a dual purpose: capturing the user’s email and visitor data, but also encouraging the user to add products to basket and apply the discount at checkout. If the email capture form was completed, a discount code was automatically generated and emailed to the user.

Health and Wellness - Lead capture campaign by Yieldify

The second stage was developed in recognition of the fact that many new visitors will only subscribe once they’ve had more time to understand the brand and its value proposition. If a new visitor dismissed the original sign-up campaign, a floating button was displayed in the bottom-left corner of their screen, showcasing the 15% off discount throughout the customer journey.

Health and wellness - Floating button by Yieldify

Strategy 2: Turning lost traffic into sales

Yieldify’s second strategy was focused on rescuing the visitors that our client was about to lose.

Yieldify created a campaign that would trigger immediately upon exit intent. Would-be abandoners were presented with a ‘best sellers’ recommendation that would take them directly to the most popular product ranges.

This strategy was based on Yieldify’s learnings from running over 200,000 campaigns, which shows that large product ranges can often lead to ‘decision fatigue’, and that narrowing choices down into a recommended set can help consumers through the funnel.

Health and wellness case study - Exit intent popup


In total, the personalization strategies implemented by Yieldify have resulted in a 9.3% increase in conversion rate. Users who saw and clicked on Yieldify campaigns not only converted at a higher rate but also bought more: the average order value rose by 11.5%.

The layered lead capture strategy – generated over 30,000 new leads in just 4 months, an 88.5% uplift in sign-ups. It also delivered a 70.9% increase in the use of the first order incentive coupon, translating to a sales uplift of over $250k.

Through working with Yieldify, our client saw the number of visitors exiting without adding a product to basket drop from 90% down to just 52%. This marked a significant shift in visitor behavior on their website, which delivered a positive impact on conversions and associated sales revenue.

Health and Wellness case study by Yieldify



Increase in email leads captured


Conversion rate uplift


Increase in AOV