Using Personalization to Drive Commercial Performance


Increase in Email Leads Captured


Uplift in Revenue on Trustpilot Campaign


Increase in AOV

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The Healthy Chef is an Australian-owned and run company with a deep commitment to developing premium wholefood products and recipes for the global community. Utilizing premium, quality and organic ingredients since its inception, the company has remained true to its commitment to quality, and the production of natural, honest and pure food.


The founder of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter, is a well-renowned chef, nutritionist, personal trainer and media personality with several award-winning cookbooks under her belt. As a result, the website’s blog and recipe sections receive high volumes of traffic from consumers looking to learn more about improving their lifestyles.

A number of the website’s users begin their Healthy Chef journey on blog pages, yet not all of those users were progressing further down the purchase funnel. There was therefore an opportunity to strengthen the conversion rate between the website’s educational content and the purchase of related products from the shop.


The Healthy Chef team engaged Yieldify’s team of expert consultants to develop two winning website personalization strategies. 

Strategy 1: Extending the customer journey past the upper funnel

The first strategy targeted new users that were browsing The Healthy Chef’s blog, encouraging them to share their email address in exchange for a discount incentive. 

Yieldify’s analysis showed that the blog content was highly engaging, meaning that a full-page lead capture overlay would prove distracting and be detrimental to the customer journey. This meant that a subtle yet impactful visual was needed, which took the form of a floating button that would appear and offer 10% off. Once a user engaged with the button, the campaign extended out into an overlay. 

If the user opted not to engage with the campaign, they were presented with an additional prompt at the checkout stage offering a last chance to receive the discount in exchange for their email address.

Healthy Chef - Lead Capture campaign by Yieldify

In addition to this, Yieldify recommended an additional campaign to encourage browsers to progress through to product pages. This promotional campaign displayed a visual related to the content being consumed. The below example shows a cookbook pre-order campaign that was displayed on the recipes page, providing a helpful and effective prompt to prospective customers.

Healthy Chef - Traffic-shaping campaign by Yieldify

Strategy 2: Aiding conversions through social proof

In the health and wellness sector, social proof and customer testimonials are exceptionally important when demonstrating potential value to consumers. This was all the more important during the disruption caused by COVID-19, when these campaigns first ran: user engagement with reviews before purchase doubled during this period. Knowing this, the second strategy was created to continue building trust, aiding conversions. 

The team opted to display a Notification, showing a message of reassurance to users that had been on a product page for 15 seconds without adding a product to their cart. This visual displayed the widely-recognized Trustpilot logo, coupled with a 5* review score to build trust and encourage in-session conversions. 

Healthy Chef - Trustpilot campaign by Yieldify


Users who saw and clicked on Yieldify campaigns were not only more likely to convert, but also spent more, with the average order value increasing by 6.2%. 

Strategy 1:

The floating button lead capture strategy generated a 54% uplift in email sign-ups.

Strategy 2: 

The Trustpilot campaign visual was particularly successful, and led to an increase of more than 50% in both revenue and impressions.

Healthy Chef case study | Website personalization case study by Yieldify



Increase in email leads captured


Uplift in Revenue on Trustpilot Campaign


Increase in AOV

“Here at The Healthy Chef, we pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience. Yieldify’s brilliant software in conjunction with their stellar team has assisted us in curating and implementing well-crafted campaigns, allowing us to replicate in-store seamless clienteling for our online customers. The flow-on effect has been significant.”