How European Leader in Travel and Tourism Achieved 144% Conversion Rate Uplift with Yieldify

“Yieldify’s deep insights, testing capabilities, expertise, and ability to personalize experiences at the right times through the conversion funnel help Homair improve bookings”

Pamela Zomero Homair

Paméla Zomero

Head of E-commerce

Homair is the European leader in outdoor lodging and hospitality. Homair offers stays in mobile home camping resorts with onsite recreational facilities and easy access to surrounding amenities in countryside and beach destinations across France, Spain, Italy and Croatia.


Homair is in a very enviable position given its appealing geographic footprint (France is the second largest outdoor lodging and hospitality market in the world), continuous product and service innovations, and increasing popularity as a mainstream vacation and holiday option.

However, because tourism experiences high seasonality and the advent of online has resulted in consumers spending more time researching and considering travel options than ever before, competition for bookings is always intense.

For Homair, personalization helps travelers find the perfect vacation, improve the bookings experience and foster customer loyalty.


Using Yieldify’s advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities, Homair identified and prioritized three personalization opportunities:

  • Maximize high-quality email sign-ups by personalizing lead capture experiences at organic moments in the customer journey that require no monetary incentive
  • Increase bookings by targeting travelers interested in high-value packages but at risk of abandoning the site with personalized messages containing time-sensitive offers
  • Remove friction and optimize conversions during the bookings experience by auto-applying any relevant incentives to basket


Homair increased lead capture rates by 10% and lifted conversion rates by 144% with users that were served the experiences.

Digital has played a central role in Homair’s growth, including the choice of Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize and evolve their website and mobile experiences.


increase in lead capture rate


conversion rate uplift

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