Supporting Site Migration with Customer Journey Optimization


Conversion rate uplift in new visitor registration


Competition entries in-store & online in 2 weeks


website replatforming project

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M&S has been delivering the best of Food and Clothing & Home in the UK and internationally for over 130 years. The retailer now has over 400 stores internationally, and an online presence that spans 25 countries.

As M&S continues to evolve its multichannel offering, its focus is to ensure its .com sites deliver a seamless customer experience. In order to achieve this in Ireland, M&S initiated a migration project to upgrade its website to a more agile and efficient platform.

Having worked with Yieldify since 2015 on optimizing the on-site customer journey, the migration project presented the perfect opportunity for M&S to leverage the insights it had gained in this time to ensure the success of the replatforming.


One of the biggest challenges associated with a migration or replatforming project is time – according to Forrester, the average replatforming project is delayed by 4.2 months. In addition to this, while almost 40% of marketers go through replatforming in order to increase conversion rate on their site, 39% see a drop in conversions after launch. M&S wanted to ensure it was tackling both these challenges head-on.

As part of the migration process for the M&S Ireland site, all registered users had to log-in to reactivate their account – a potentially huge hurdle in the user journey. Using customer journey insights provided by Yieldify, M&S focused on decreasing friction in this process in order to achieve its key objectives:

As a proven partner of nearly five years, Yieldify was the top choice to support on this project due to the agile and flexible nature of its technology and team. With the ability to launch personalized journeys in less than three days, this speed became pivotal in meeting M&S’s challenges despite the fast pace and changing demands of the 18-month migration project.


Yieldify worked with M&S to target visitors at the perfect moment in their journey.

Charlie Singleton, Head of Retail, Yieldify

“Knowing that the primary objectives for M&S were to encourage returning users to reactivate, as well as drive new account registrations, we developed a strategy that would target different visitor segments with personalized messaging.
Including a free delivery promotion to incentivise users, we tested each message against a control group to ensure our strategy was driving an incremental uplift on conversion rate.”

Throughout the migration process, the Yieldify team worked closely with M&S on the project timelines. The flexible nature of the Yieldify platform meant it was easy to adjust and optimize campaigns to drive value as soon as possible, as well as amplify the promotional activity planned for the launch of the new site. This even meant that the web team was able to promote the launch of the new website in brick-and-mortar stores, Charlie Singleton, Head of Retail at Yieldify explains more:

“To further drive data collection on the new site we took a cross-channel approach that leveraged planned promotional activity (a competition). To achieve this we developed custom content, creating competition entry forms for onsite and in-store use. The in-store forms collected additional data, enabling M&S to track entries at a granular, store level”


Since launch, Yieldify’s campaigns have driven 21% of total registrations from new and existing visitors on the relaunched website.

The registration campaigns also had a positive impact on conversions, with the new visitor message, in particular, driving a 5.4% uplift.

The promotional campaign also saw over 14.5k visitors submit an entry either in-store or online in just two weeks.



incremental uplift in conversion rate with new visitors


of total registrations from new and existing visitors driven by Yieldify


competition entries in-store and online in 2 weeks