Optimizing the Customer Journey with Website Personalization and Social Proof


Overall conversion rate uplift


Incremental sales in one year


Conversion rate uplift with personalized product discovery

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Qantas Shopping Rewards Store is the shopping destination for Qantas Frequent Flyers, stocking over 8,000 products from exclusive brands across electronics, homewares, sports and fitness, fashion and more. Qantas Frequent Flyers can shop and earn Qantas Points when they buy online, or combine their points with cash payment to purchase products sooner.


The Qantas Shopping Rewards Store recognised that Yieldify can assist them at different points in the path to purchase and developed a range of campaigns to assist in this journey. 

Given the points-based purchasing system on the Rewards Store, the brand hypothesised that consumers would be likely to spend more if their points balance was visible. To view their points balance visitors need to log in, so the Rewards Store sought to encourage this action.

Additionally, the wide range of products available means that the choice can be overwhelming for visitors. The Rewards Store wanted to help visitors explore the types of products they are most interested in based on their on-site behavior. 

Further down the funnel, on product pages, the goal was to secure conversions by highlighting the various payment options and driving urgency.


To test the hypothesis that logged in visitors spend more, the Rewards Store worked with Yieldify to encourage this behavior via In-Page Personalization. Users who had not logged in were prompted to do so using a sticky campaign.

Qantas website personalization: encouraging log-in

To aid product discovery, Yieldify and the Rewards Store developed a range of personalized recommendations to direct users to the best sellers within 4 different product categories, depending on browsing behaviour:

Qantas website personalization: product recommendations

On product pages, the Rewards Store dynamically displayed the  ‘points plus pay’ option to users to ensure those without enough points were aware of this payment option. To further support conversion, social proof was also added to product pages, aimed at driving urgency and scarcity, by using Yieldify’s sticky campaign functionality.

Qantas website personalization: social proof and payments


By optimizing the different stages of the customer journey the Rewards  Store gained important insights about its visitors. Firstly, the message encouraging log-in resulted in a 5.9% uplift in conversion rate, correctly proving the hypothesis that logged in users would be more likely to convert. 

Next, the Rewards Store found that personalizing the discovery phase of the journey was key to ensuring it continued. Pointing users towards bestsellers drove a 9.1% uplift. 

Finally, the lower funnel strategies of promoting ‘points plus pay’ and social proof had a positive impact with the latter driving a 2.7% conversion rate uplift



Conversion rate uplift by encouraging log-in


Conversion rate uplift with personalized product discovery


Conversion rate uplift with social proof

“Working with Yieldify has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of our loyalty members, and develop a strategy to optimize every step of the website customer journey. With In-page personalization, we’re able to seamlessly situate messages at the perfect moment to move visitors towards purchase. We’re pleased with the conversion rate uplift that has been achieved and excited to see what the future holds for Yieldify and the Rewards Store.”