How Fast-Growing Ecommerce Retailer Boosted Email Leads by 116% with Yieldify

“Yieldify’s technology, data-centric methods and team drive fantastic results and ROI. We need to be agile when it comes to customer demand and ensuring fantastic experiences – Yieldify is integral to achieving this goal.”

Chantel Brayley, Petal & Pup

Chantel Brayley

Head of Marketing

Petal & Pup is a fast-growing pure play ecommerce fashion retailer specializing in affordable, on-trend young women’s apparel, serving over 80 countries worldwide.

Petal & Pup is dedicated to ensuring its customers receive the very best shopping experience every step of the way. To help achieve this goal, Petal & Pup counts on Yieldify’s platform and services to better understand and personalize their website and mobile experiences.


Fashion and apparel ecommerce is competitive and fast-paced: While traffic volumes are strong, abandonment rates are high, and retaining customers is a challenge.

This creates a need for companies like Petal & Pup to implement personalization technology that is agile and delivers tangible revenue results.


Guided by behavioral website analytics and industry specific benchmarking, Yieldify identified several opportunities that were then rapidly tested and optimized:

  • Accelerate new visitor email sign-up volume and quality by personalizing lead capture experiences at additional relevant touchpoints during the customer journey
  • Turn more browsers into buyers by targeting visitors early in the funnel with personalized messaging and a filtering by size option to make viewing the most appropriate product selection easier
  • Increase conversions and order values by targeting existing customers and first time buyers with personalized messaging based on relevant new product arrivals, style drops, cross merchandise, and shipping options
  • Increase in-session sales by targeting shoppers exhibiting cart abandonment behaviors with social proof experiences to reassure product quality or create urgency based on product demand and scarcity


Using Yieldify’s data-driven platform to create personalized experiences in real-time, Petal & Pup lifted conversion rates across strategies between 5% and 17% and increased leads by 116% – growing revenue and supercharging customer acquisition.


Increase in leads

5% to 17%

Conversion rate uplift

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