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TravelUp has been providing superb value flights to UK customers since 2004. In addition, it now offers package holidays, hotels and student travel. As the travel customer journey becomes more complex due to evolving customer behavior, TravelUp wanted to ensure it was continuing to provide innovative pricing options and value to visitors at the relevant moment in the customer journey.


As part of TravelUp’s commitment to providing great value, it partners with ‘Fly Now Pay Later’, allowing visitors to spread the cost of their next adventure across a flexible repayment plan. TravelUp wanted to highlight this option to the right visitors at the perfect moment in the customer journey.

Recognising which stage of the customer journey visitors are at – for example, if they are simply browsing for information, or ready to book there and then – is one of the biggest challenges facing online travel brands. Understanding this behavior is key to success when it comes to optimizing the customer journey, as it allows for a personalized experience that adds value and drives conversions.

Yieldify’s Solution

TravelUp was one of the first to utilize Sticky campaigns, part of Yieldify’s new In-Page Personalization product. It allows marketers to add content into webpages in minutes and without having to deal with code, making personalization possible in a fraction of the time required by most platforms.

Sticky campaigns allowed TravelUp to situate the ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ message seamlessly and in context across all devices – anchored to the ‘book now’ button on the booking page.

Initially, the campaign was launched to all visitors who reached the booking page, based on the hypothesis that this behavior demonstrated high intent and that conversion would, therefore, be likely.

However, the results told a different story, and so TravelUp sought to learn from this. With the flexibility of the Yieldify Platform, the targeting for the campaign was quickly adjusted to include only new users, this time with the hypothesis that the ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ message would be more attractive to those visitors in research mode, who had perhaps not yet saved up to book their flights.


With the adjusted targeting, TravelUp proved its hypothesis correct – new visitors in research mode were more likely to convert when shown this sticky campaign. The message drove a +5.24% uplift in conversions among this target group.

Personalization technology example - TravelUp



Conversion rate uplift with ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ sticky campaign

“Our industry faces some of the biggest abandonment challenges, which makes every step of our journey absolutely critical. Using In-Page Personalization, we’ve been able to increase our conversion rates almost effortlessly – it took just a few minutes of sign-off and then we were live in no time.”