Optimizing Conversion Rate with Visitor Segmentation


Conversion rate uplift from Yieldify campaigns


Conversion rate uplift with new visitors 1st order incentive


Uplift in welcome incentive usage with new lead capture strategy

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Vinomofo is no ordinary wine club. Having evolved from Australia’s first social network for wine lovers its mission is to make finding great wine, at a great price simple, which it achieves via the combined buying power of its wine club members. 


With strength in numbers enabling Vinomofo to secure the best deals for its customers, the brand wanted to ensure the sign-up journey was fully optimized, and that once signed up, members were getting the best experience possible.

Having started off with a standard sign-up strategy, Vinomofo wanted to understand if personalizing the journey, by segmenting visitors would yield better results, and more relevant experience for its users.


Working with Yieldify, Vinomofo used behavioural segmentation to develop a strategy that targeted specific audiences including new, returning visitors, returning clients, and more.

For example, new visitors were shown a $15 dollar incentive on entry in exchange for joining the community. Once signed up, the coupon was automatically applied at check-out. For returning visitors who subscribed, but didn’t use the coupon, they were reminded of the 1st order incentive when they came back to the site.

Not forgetting returning clients, Vinomofo also sought to highlight premium services they might be interested in such as Vinomofo Unlimited and their 100% happiness guarantee free returns policy, dependant on basket value.

The brand was also able to highlight free delivery to returning visitors at the right moment by leveraging Yieldify’s time of day and day of week targeting functionality.

Optimizing conversion rate by highlighting delivery offers at the right moment
Free delivery notification


The personalized sign-up strategy has yielded impressive results for the brand, beating even peak season on new customer acquisition. The new strategy, launched in April, drove a 136% increase in usage of the first order incentive coupon:

The first order incentive campaign was successful in-itself, driving a 34.02% uplift in conversion rate, supporting this with an additional touchpoint for returning visitors helped drive an additional 29.24% conversion rate uplift that would have been otherwise missed. 

With the sign-up journey optimized, Vinomofo also saw great results with the new experiences created post-signup. Highlighting the brands 100% happiness guarantee to users who had added items to cart drove an 11.6% uplift in conversions. The time and date targeted free delivery campaign drove a click-through rate of 12%.



Conversion rate uplift with new visitors 1st order incentive


Conversion rate uplift with returning visitors 1st order incentive


Conversion rate uplift with happiness guarantee

“It’s been great working with the Yieldify team to create a truly personalized sign-up journey for our visitors. Evolving our lead capture strategy in this way has had a huge impact on our ability to acquire new customers, and we’re excited to see where we can go from here with website personalization to continue creating an engaging experience for our community of wine lovers.”