How do I apply for a role?

You can apply online via our website (https://www.yieldify.com/about-us/careers/), Linkedin, Glassdoor, or Indeed.

Just send us your CV, and complete the relevant job post questions, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

How long does the application process take?

The roles that we advertise for are open! At Yieldify, we are as excited about your application as you are, and we want to ensure that the process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some of our roles are very popular, and in that case, it can be challenging for our team to move things along at a lightning speed. However, if you are committed and responsive, then we should make a great team!

Can I apply to more than one position?


How do I find the salary advertised for each role?

We do not advertise salaries online, while we have a range for every role mapped out, we prefer to assess each individual using both internal and industry compensation benchmarks to ensure a competitive package. The team would be very happy to chat this through with you during the interview process.

I need visa sponsorship, can I still apply?

We have the ability to sponsor visas and we do so periodically for specific roles so be sure to enquire if there is a role that interests you to see if that would be an option.

I have a disability, what support can I get with my application?

We want to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to apply for any role at Yieldify. We give candidates the option to disclose any disabilities that could affect their application process in the job post questions on the application page.

We will work with you to do everything that we can to accommodate your needs!

Is there an age limit for joining Yieldify?

Absolutely not. We foremost value passion and talent, if you are brimming with these qualities, then you will be a fantastic asset to the team, regardless of age.

Can I change the details of my application?

Once you have submitted your application, you cannot change the details yourself. However, contact us at careers@yieldify.com to let us know of any changes that need to be made to your details, and we can change it for you!

Can I withdraw my application even if I’ve already submitted it?

You can, although it would be sad to see you go! You can message us at careers@yieldify.com to let us know that you are no longer going to pursue your application with us and we will remove you from our systems. 

However, let us know if there is anything we can do to keep you onboard. We can be flexible and are always open to chat through adaptations.

Can I change my mind after I’ve withdrawn an application?

Certainly! We appreciate that life is very subject to change, and we would absolutely love to have you back in the process. Just reapply online, and drop us an email letting us know that you would like to be reconsidered!

What does the interview process look like?

Our interview process is tailored to every role, so you can expect job-related skills and competencies to be incorporated! We also know how valuable it is for you to meet the team and understand the opportunity from the people you could be working with, so we balance skills testing with time spent getting to know our team.  We usually have 3 to 4 stages as outlined below: 

  1. Cognitive ability task: This is an at-home multiple choice task and takes around 14 minutes. 
  2. Take home skills test: This is personalised for every role and will focus on key job-related skills. 
  3. Meet the team: Get to know our lovely team, the structure of this stage is dependent on the role you have applied for.
  4. Meet the CEO: Depending on timings and role, you might be invited to a call with our CEO. Don’t worry if not, you’ll meet him when you join! 

We’ll give you guidance every step of the way, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I experienced technical difficulties during my WonScore test, can I take it again?

Yes. Just let us know if you experienced any difficulties, and we will send you across a new link.

Is the WonScore test available in multiple languages?

Yes. The WonScore is currently available in English, French, and Spanish. You can select the best language for you at the start of the test. If your native language is not an option, just let our team know and we will take that into account!

Can I reapply for a role/apply to a new role after being unsuccessful in the WonScore Test?

 Absolutely. We welcome re-applications after three months of the original application date, so if any of our open roles interest you at that time, then do not hesitate to apply!

What is the dress code for interviews?

We ask that you dress in a smart-casual way, something that you believe is appropriate should you be meeting a potential Yieldify client. 

The most important thing is that you dress in a way that means you are comfortable so that you can focus on having a lovely time meeting the team!

Can I apply for new roles if I’ve been unsuccessful in an interview?

We welcome reapplications, if there is another role that interests you, then please do apply as it may be the perfect fit! 

If you see a similar role appear that you have previously applied to, and you feel that your application has bloomed since we last were in contact, then we would love to hear from you.

How long does it take to get feedback about my application?

Your application matters to us, and we understand the pressures of job applications. We aim to get back to all of our candidates, whether successful or not, with quality feedback as quickly as possible.

Our hiring managers are often very busy, which is why they need a new team member on board, so sometimes there may be a bit of a delay. However, we will be sure to keep a line of frequent communication open so that you are in the loop.

How quickly should I submit my take-home test?

There is no specific deadline for the submission of take-home tests. Ideally, we would love to hear from you within a week, however, we appreciate that this may not be possible alongside other commitments. 

The quicker we receive your test, the quicker we can move forward with your application.

I’ve already got a holiday booked, will this affect my application?

Of course not, just let the team know so that we can arrange the process to suit yourself and the team!

When will I receive my contract?

If you have made it to the offer stage, congratulations! Once we have made our decision, we will call you to make an offer. If you are happy, which we hope you will be, we will get the contract sent across to you that same day and kick-start your journey to join our team.

How soon will I start if I’m offered a role?

If we have sent you an offer, then we will be excited for you to start and become part of Yieldify.  We will ask you for your availability to start so that we can figure out a time that works well together and allows for the best onboarding experience.