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Predict and Convert

We use data from your website and meta-analysis of thousands of campaigns to ensure your onsite remarketing campaigns deliver
maximum return

How it Works




1. Identify the opportunity
Visitor behaviour and industry benchmarking that identifies your biggest conversion opportunities by showing funnel progression across the site.



2. Optimise the strategy
A/B testing and detailed reach reports that help optimise your campaign’s targeting, triggering and content.


3. Predict the outcome
Campaign estimations that predict uplift so that you can gauge potential success before you commit time and resource.


Key Benefits

Completely efficient campaign activity
We identify your opportunities and predict your results, so you only pursue the campaigns that will give you the best return.


Total confidence in your results
See the value of your activity benchmarked against thousands of campaigns, so you can be confident that your campaigns are completely optimized.


Insight achieved effortlessly
Predict and Convert works through our existing tag; you don’t need any further integrations to achieve this detailed and actionable insight


Yieldify’s business insights tool processes our database of over 25,000 campaigns, supplying us with business insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. Our insight software tool can identify major opportunities for your site by comparing your campaigns with industry benchmarks and identifying the richest opportunities for increasing conversions on your site.

The combination of data-rich business insights alongside our fully managed service offers you vastly improved website optimisation opportunities.

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