How Award-Winning Makeup Brand Achieved a 39% Improvement in Lead Conversion with Yieldify




Increase in email leads


Improvement in lead conversion


Lift in conversion rates and AOVs

“I’ve worked with Yieldify for three years and believe they have the best-in-class personalization and conversion rate optimization platform. With Yieldify, we increase average order values, promo engagements, conversions rates and improve our customer experience.”

Prachi Chamria

Digital & eCommerce Manager

Code8 is a London-born, award-winning makeup brand representing the infinite potential of makeup to express all beauty ideals, regardless of age, skin color and look preferences. Their mission is to simplify makeup and enable women to develop their own individual style in beauty, leaving more time to make the most out of life.

Code8’s line offers high-performing, long-lasting scientific formulas with fast application and strong color pay-off, created around the principle of universally flattering colors in buildable effects from the most natural to the most dramatic of looks, to suit every skin undertone.


A handful of giants previously dominated the beauty industry, but the rise of digital has leveled the playing field. D2C, social media and influencer marketing have given innovative new brands a platform to build cultures of beauty that foster emotional connections with consumers.

Despite this paradigm change, gaining trial remains a challenge – especially for D2C beauty brands. Customers struggle to assess a product’s suitability without using it first and makeup is typically premium priced and not easily returned. Once consumers are loyal to their go-to-brands, they need plenty of convincing to try a new brand or product.

To navigate this challenge, Code8 leverages personalization to build brand loyalty and convert interest into sales across product lines.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Code8 using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Drive high-quality email sign-ups with lead capture experiences that personalize creative and messaging at value-add moments in the customer journey
  • Maximize conversions by reminding shoppers who have signed up for the newsletter but have not purchased about the first order incentive and auto-apply offers
  • Increase cross-sales and AOV with personalized product recommendations that encourage customers to complete their look with products that complement cart items
  • Increase ROI with influencers – including global style icon Alexa Chung – by personalizing messaging and offers that are specific to their audience
  • Improve conversion rates with personalized messaging that counts down how close a shopper is to achieving the free delivery threshold


Code8 achieved 6:1 ROI, increasing email leads by 42%, improving lead conversion by 39%, and lifting conversion rates and average order values by up to 14% among the traffic served with experiences.

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