What is Customer Journey Optimization?

We talk about CJO a lot – let’s unpack what it means

CJO in a nutshell

Customer Journey Optimization (CJOTM) is the science of using a data-driven approach to improving the whole journey.

Is CJO the same as personalization?

Technically, no. Personalization is actually a part of CJOTM. If you think about personalization as a tactic, CJOTM is the strategy.

Is CJO like CRO?

CJOTM is a successor to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO tactics such as creating a sense of urgency are a part of Customer Journey Optimization, but the difference is in the approach. CRO generally focuses only on in-session conversions, where CJOTM is about improving the customer journey as a whole.

Is CJO just for retail?

Far from it. CJOTM is a principle that applies just as much across sectors like travel and financial services – wherever there’s a customer journey, there’s CJOTM. Stansted Express is already successfully implementing CJOTM strategies: read their story here

Is CJO just a Yieldify thing?

No – Customer Journey Optimization has been a growing trend in e-commerce circles for a couple of years, but we’re the only company to have nailed down a methodology to make it happen. We’ve published a huge amount of thought leadership and research on the subject – including the first report into the state of Customer Journey Optimization – which has allowed us to trademark CJOTMitself!

It sounds complicated. Is CJO hard?

It doesn’t have to be. Don’t be put off by terms like ‘personalization’ – CJOTM is something that any e-commerce company can get started on, no matter what your stack or data look like. It does, however, require expertise and experience – which is why over 500 companies work with us to do it. 

How can I find out more about CJO?

A good place to start is by reading our Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization – and it’s free to download from our Resources section.

How do I get started with implementation?

When you’re ready to find out how CJOTM can work for your site, request a Demo and we’ll talk you through next steps.