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Deliver smart content that converts with Yieldify

To ensure your customer journeys convert, you need to make sure everyone has a compelling experience.

Since the launch of the Yieldify Conversion Platform, we’ve regularly released new and powerful capabilities to help you build great customer journeys. From advanced targeting options that help you ensure the right message reaches the right customer, to new content types like Dynamic Promotions and Dynamic Social Proof, Yieldify gives you access to an extensive suite of technology to help you make every website interaction count.

Today we’re excited to add three new smart content types to your arsenal: countdown clocks, video and multiple text fields.

Inspire urgency to purchase with countdown clocks

When time is of the essence, customers make snap decisions. To help you create a sense of urgency to purchase in your customers, you can now include a countdown clock in a Yieldify campaign. Based on extensive testing over Cyber Week, we found that countdown clocks drove +1.47% more conversions compared to campaigns that only showed a static urgency message.


Boost conversions during sales periods

A countdown clock is an ideal tactic to use in seasonal windows and flash sales. Rum21, a furniture retailer, found success with a countdown clock campaign over Cyber Week. Thanks to this campaign, Rum21 achieved a +35.9% conversion rate uplift and +19% increase in average order value from targeted visitors.


Fight booking abandonment

Countdown clocks can also make all the difference to travel and ticketing businesses. For example, Yieldify helped camping holiday operator Homair fight booking abandonment from its holiday package basket pages by serving abandoning visitors with an overlay that included a countdown clock. The result? Homair saw a 144% conversion rate uplift from targeted visitors that were abandoning their booking.






Improve the customer journey with video

Now you can improve the customer journey by adding your video content to a Yieldify campaign43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. With Yieldify, you can give customers what they want by bringing video marketing into key moments in your onsite journey. It’s a great tactic to help grow loyalty and boost conversions.


Secure ticket purchases with brand video

Award-winning music festival operator We Are FSTVL showed the highlights reel from the previous year’s event to entice back abandoning website visitor to purchase tickets. We Are FSTVL’s Customer Success Manager split-tested click-to-play video with sound against a video that autoplayed without sound. The results showed that an auto-playing video created greater engagement, achieving a +33% uplift in customers clicking through to get tickets.




Promote core brand values

If video plays a big role in your brand identity, Yieldify can help you leverage that on your website. That’s how Yieldify helped France’s leading home shopping network M6 Boutique reinforce its core brand value. To visitors browsing the M6 Boutique website, Yieldify showed a live stream of M6 Boutique’s TV channel in a corner Notification. This campaign reminded customers about the brand’s TV content and presenters they know and trust. As a result of this campaign, the M6 Boutique live stream gained 150,000 additional views in just a month.


Learn more about your customers with multiple text fields

You can now learn lot more about your customers by adding multiple text fields to your Yieldify campaigns. Multiple text fields help you capture more information about a customer in addition to an email address, opening up new opportunities to engage your customers via other channels.

Personalise your email activity

No doubt, email is still one of the most effective ways to engage your customers – in fact a message is five times more likely to be seen when sent in an email rather than via Facebook. But when a customer shows intent to exit your website, why not also take that opportunity to collect their first name and last name as well as their email address? With the Yieldify Conversion Platform, you can do that and also automatically send all the information you collect directly into your ESP, making it easy to follow up.


Enable direct mail marketing

Guess what? Direct mail is alive and well. In fact a recent Royal Mail report suggested that 83% of  people surveyed prefer to receive direct mail over email. By capturing postcodes alongside email addresses, you can effectively follow up with customers after they visited your website.


Capture more information on your customers

Follow up on leads by collecting customer phone numbers as well as emails. This is ideal for financial services or insurance customers who may feel more comfortable speaking to a rep to finalise arrangements.