Increase conversions with Double Notifications

Published: Jun 9, 2017

Great website interactions come in all shapes and sizes – and it’s not always the biggest message that converts. With Double Notifications on The Yieldify Conversion Platform, you can be more subtle, and create just the right kind of customer experience to capture leads and increase conversions.

The Double Notification is our new campaign format available on the Yieldify Conversion Platform. Appearing at the bottom of the screen, it’s a great way to gently engage visitors and complements your Overlay campaigns to deliver effective onsite remarketing and increase conversions.

Yieldify customers have been seeing great results using Single Notifications for some time now (check out this example from Happy Dog). With Double Notifications, we’ve added the option to include another layer so you can send two Notification messages in sequence (hence ‘double’ – see what we did there?).

This added depth makes Double Notifications an ideal format for offering a promo code in exchange for a visitor’s email address:

Yieldify Double Notification example

Notifications and Overlays: a tale of two formats

As different ways to engage your visitors, Notifications and Overlays make for great companions as part of the customer experience your deliver on your e-commerce site:

What’s more, Notifications are not bound by the same frequency capping rules as Overlays, which means you can engage the same website visitors with more than one notification in the same session to achieve different goals.

Yieldify Double Notifications on Mobile

Look after your mobile search ranking

Double Notifications are also the recommended format to use on your mobile website landing page. Not only are they mobile user-friendly – an easily thumbable notification appears at the bottom of the screen – but they also use a limited area of screen real estate, meaning they abide by Google’s policy on the use of interstitials on landing pages.