How To Drive As Much As 820% More Revenue With Your Klaviyo Remarketing

Published: Jun 28, 2022

You’ve got your sign-up forms running. Your email and SMS lists are growing. And you’ve set up your core Klaviyo remarketing campaigns.

But when your email and SMS messages land in your subscribers’ inboxes, you’re not getting the engagement you were hoping for.

The issue is this: your audience has grown and you now have multiple subscriber types. That means subscribers with lots of different interests, on different journeys, with different needs. It’s no longer a few subscribers with similar browsing preferences.

The solution? More user data to create better segmentation. Which means you can then send more targeted, relevant Klaviyo campaigns.

The advanced Klaviyo integration

With Yieldify’s advanced Klaviyo integration, you can send substantially more user behavior data to your Klaviyo list than with Klaviyo alone – and could increase your remarketing revenue by as much as 820%.

Save more subscriber data in your Klaviyo profiles

1. Capture custom events

With Klaviyo you’re already capturing a lot of data on your subscribers – demographic data such as their names, email addresses and phone numbers, as well as behavioral data such as emails opened, products added to basket or orders returned.

With Yieldify’s advanced Klaviyo integration you can go one step further: capture custom tracking events. With custom events, you get to capture the subscriber data that’s most valuable for your remarketing campaigns.

Track a subscriber’s behavior and pass events to their Klaviyo profile to trigger highly segmented Klaviyo flows

A custom event could pass data to a subscriber’s Klaviyo profile when they: 

User exits after spending e.g. 60 seconds on a page and triggers your browse abandonment email

As long as the data is in your site or sits in your data layer, there are hundreds of custom events you can pass to your subscribers’ profiles with Yieldify’s Klaviyo integration.

The result? You’ll build up your subscribers’ Klaviyo profiles with the most important data and send your customers Klaviyo campaigns that feel like they were made just for them.

2. Capture how your subscribers interact with your Yieldify personalization campaigns

If you sign up for a full package with Yieldify, you’ll get access to the advanced Klaviyo integration and to Yieldify’s complete range of personalization tests. 

That means you’ll get all the benefits of Yieldify personalization, be able to track how your subscribers interact with those personalization tests and send them relevant, segmented emails.

For example: 

When a user taps the “Best Sellers” CTA in your Yieldify overlay, send them a follow-up email with your Best Sellers

A subscriber adds several sizes of the same item to cart, triggers a Yieldify campaign with a “Size Guide” video, then triggers a Klaviyo flow with size advice.

When you send more responsive messages, you’ll get happier, more loyal customers.

Drive as much as 820% more revenue with personalized remarketing flows

With the advanced Klaviyo integration, capturing the subscriber data that’s most valuable to your brand means you’ll segment your audiences even better, and better segmentation means you’ll send more relevant Klaviyo campaigns. In turn, more engaging messages drive increased revenue. You could lift your remarketing revenue by as much as 820% with more personalized messages.

Ecommerce marketers at brands like yours trust the advanced Klaviyo integration

How to get started with the advanced Klaviyo integration

To start driving more remarketing revenue with the advanced Klaviyo integration, speak to a member of the Yieldify sales team today