How Industry-Leading Travel Company Achieved up to 8% Conversion Rate Uplift with Yieldify

“Yieldify’s data-centric approach gives us the confidence to enable better personalization – improving our customer experience, reducing abandonment and driving real bookings impact.”

Colm Lynch

Director of Revenue and Schedules

Megabus is an innovator and leader in long-distance coach travel serving millions of customers in North America and the United Kingdom across hundreds of cities and destinations.

Megabus reinvented the coach travel experience by combining quality transportation services and convenient access with yield management pricing first introduced by the airline industry.


Like most travel companies, Megabus experiences high abandonment rates due to the complexity of the buying process, with consumers typically assessing their options across multiple websites before making a booking.

Megabus faces the additional challenge of convincing consumers who have antiquated views of coach travel that Megabus is not only more affordable but also a quality transportation choice.

To navigate these challenges and drive ticket sales, personalization is essential for creating a well-informed traveler and simplifying the booking process.


Using Yieldify’s advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities, Megabus identified and prioritized three personalization opportunities:

  • Reduce browse abandonment and increase conversions by targeting new visitors at critical moments in the purchase journey with messaging based on relevant USPs
  • Increase conversions by surfacing appropriate FAQs and information based on consumer engagement behaviors to alleviate doubts and build confidence during the booking process
  • Maximize bookings with travelers exhibiting exit intent using social proof experiences that reassure quality of choice and create urgency based on ticket demand


Megabus lifted conversion rates between 2% and 8% with users that were served the experiences.

With 99% of tickets sold online, Megabus counts on Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize and evolve their website and mobile experiences.

2% to 8%

Conversion rate uplift

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