How D2C Sports Nutrition Brand Increased Leads & Conversions to Achieve 67:1 ROI with Yieldify




Increase in lead generation


Improvement in lead-to-customer conversions


Increase in conversion rates

“Yieldify’s fully managed service sets them apart. We get strategic insights and creative support that enable us to stand out in a really competitive market and continuously improve conversion rates and revenue. With Yieldify, we have the possibility to go beyond our limits.”

Sebastian Gruezinger

Head of Product

Part of the Vitafy Brands portfolio, Bodylab24 is a leading D2C ecommerce sports, fitness and healthy nutrition brand in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In addition to their premium-quality Bodylab brand, the online shop sells more than 200 popular brands and 3,000 products to support amateur and professional athletes.

Bodylab24’s mission is to take sports nutrition to the next level with groundbreaking products that guarantee customer satisfaction. Whether you want to build muscle, sculpt a slim, defined body or improve your athletic performance, Bodylab24 has the right products to help you achieve your goals.


Sports nutrition is one of the fastest growing segments in the consumer health industry. Today, record numbers of people are involved in fitness, individual and team sports. Moreover, what was once a young male-dominated market is now well represented by females and ages 30+.

But alongside this growth has come an enormous increase in brand and product choice from functional benefits, nutritional values and ingredients to flavors, forms and formats. Despite today’s consumers being more informed about nutrition, this ever-evolving market is not easy to decode.

To navigate this challenge and grow their business, Bodylab24 leverages Yieldify’s personalization to build their customer base, help shoppers find and purchase the optimal products, and simplify the shopping experience.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Bodylab24 using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Drive high-quality email signups by personalizing lead capture experiences to the different needs of new vs returning visitors

  • Increase Bodylab branded sales and overall margins by surfacing recommendations for their relevant products when shoppers browse other branded products

  • Provide greater customer value and increase conversions/AOVs by recommending the ideal product bundle or savings pack size based on the shopper’s interests

  • Streamline the shopping journey for returning visitors by highlighting their most recently viewed products and enable them to seamlessly continue shopping

  • Reengage returning shoppers with basket reminders that encourage same-day checkout and reduce cart abandonment

  • Improve conversions using social proof messaging that creates interest and urgency based on real-time product popularity and scarcity, optimized by brand type


Bodylab24 increased leads by 31%, improved lead-to-customer conversions by 56%, and lifted conversion rates between 5% and 31% among the traffic served with experiences, achieving a 67:1 ROI.

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