How Busbud Leveraged Yieldify’s Integration with Klaviyo to Generate a 46% Revenue Increase From Email Marketing


Higher lead capture rate vs industry average


Higher email open rate vs industry average


Increase in revenue generated from email marketing

“Yieldify enables us to unify our customer experience strategy. By combining Yieldify’s personalization capabilities and lead capture software, we’ve not only grown our CRM but also improved lead quality.”

Richard Cohene

Chief Marketing Officer

Busbud is a rapidly expanding, leading global travel aggregator for intercity bus tickets.

Available in 17 languages, Busbud’s convenient and secure booking website and app offer international and local travelers the ability to search, compare and buy tickets on more than 2 million bus routes worldwide from nearly 4,000 bus companies in 16,000 cities across 80+ countries, supporting transactions in 30 currencies.

Busbud’s potential is enormous: the fragmented intercity bus travel market boasts more passengers than all of air travel.


Busbud’s objective is to maintain and grow their customer base by making the shopping and booking experience painless and easy for each traveler. Like most online travel companies, lead generation and email marketing are essential to achieving that aim.

However, Busbud’s lead generation numbers did not meet their growth requirements. Furthermore, because lead capture forms collect limited information, Busbud’s email marketing campaigns lacked the details needed to empower consumers to plan their trips and book their travel with confidence and ease.


To take lead generation volume and quality to the next level, Yieldify identified multiple organic email capture opportunities across Busbud’s website that created greater engagement and value for visitors.

To address their email marketing information gap, Busbud leveraged Yieldify’s advanced integration with Klaviyo, the award-winning email marketing and SMS platform.

This integration allows marketers to enrich Klaviyo profiles and create more personalized email campaigns using the contextual data tracked by Yieldify including session behaviors, pages visited, intent, cart content, shopper location, data layer variables and more.


Busbud improved metrics and KPIs across their lead generation and email marketing efforts, expanding their subscriber database, growing bookings and increasing repeat purchase and customer lifetime value.

Busbud utilizes Yieldify’s personalization platform and services to maximize their growth across an expanding and diversifying global travel audience.

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