How No-Fee Credit Card Increased Conversions and Customer Acquisition by up to 10% with Yieldify


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“Yieldify has been a key partner for several years. Throughout our partnership their client service teams have always been extremely responsive and proactive, finding creative solutions to our challenges and consistently improving conversions. Thank you!”

Juliette Dabe

Customer Acquisition Officer

Carte ZERO is a no-fee credit card owned by Advanzia Bank – a European online bank specializing in credit cards and payment solutions. 

Available exclusively in France, Carte ZERO gives customers access to revolving credit worldwide without incurring charges for use at home or abroad.

In addition to having no start-up costs, Carte ZERO boasts an array of benefits including free travel insurance, 24/7 customer service and a straightforward online application process with instant response.


As one of the first ever banks to provide credit without in-person meetings or paper-based processes, Advanzia Bank is a true pioneer of digital banking. Since its inception in 2005, Advanzia Bank has expanded rapidly and launched zero-fee credit cards in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Luxembourg.

To remain at the forefront of modern banking, Advanzia Bank delivers seamless, customer-centric credit solutions as part of a wider digital expansion strategy. At the heart of that strategy is a commitment to simplifying user experiences across all of its platforms.

Recognizing the power of personalization technology to make it easier for customers to acquire credit with Carte ZERO, Advanzia Bank utilizes Yieldify’s platform and services to streamline website journeys and increase conversions.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Carte ZERO using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included: 

  • Establish brand authority on website entry with social proof experiences showing more than 2 million customers have already been accepted for credit
  • Target homepage visitors with a two-pronged strategy designed to educate and increase conversions using native-looking USP banners and CTA messaging
  • Increase credit card acquisitions by re-engaging consumers displaying exit intent with personalized messages emphasizing the speed and simplicity of application 
  • Drive conversions with progress bars reinforcing how close a consumer is to completing their application following a set period of inactivity
  • Identify ways to optimize website journeys with post-application feedback surveys asking customers to review their on-site experience  


Carte ZERO lifted conversion rates by up to 10% and achieved a 39% CTR rate on their website feedback survey among the traffic served with experiences.

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