How D2C Food Subscription Service Boosted Email Leads by 700% with Yieldify




Increase in email leads

7% to 9%

Lift in conversion rates


Higher AOVs

“We needed an easy-to-integrate personalization platform to help our site perform and grow. Yieldify enables us to better identify and address current customers and new segments that has unlocked unlimited revenue potential.”

Ben Mohl

Online Sales Marketing Manager

Certified Piedmontese is a rapidly growing, direct-to-consumer beef delivery service and subscription company in the United States. Their customers expect premium flavor and tenderness without sacrificing nutrition.

Originating in the Piedmont region of Italy, the Piedmontese cattle breed is uniquely lean and muscular with muscle fibers that remain tender without the need for excess marbling. The result is delicious beef that has fewer calories, less fat and higher protein than other beef.

Certified Piedmontese cattle are naturally raised across the Midwest on family ranches that follow protocols to ensure humane handling, traceability and environmental sustainability.


The huge growth in the DTC meat category reflects the shift in consumer demand towards premium meat products not found in supermarkets. Consumers also view DTC meat as more than a treat or holiday gift and it’s now a staple like meal kits and grocery delivery orders.

Certified Piedmontese acted on these trends early, deciding to adopt agile personalization technology to turn brand interest into higher levels of trial, repeat purchases and customer loyalty.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Certified Piedmontese using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Drive high-quality email signup volume with a variety of incentivized lead capture experiences based on number of shopper visits
  • Optimize in-session sales using social proof experiences that create credibility and excitement for items based on current popularity and seasonal appeal
  • Reduce cart abandonment with at-risk shoppers using CTA and like experiences that make it easy to checkout or continue shopping
  • Increase subscription purchases by building awareness of the service with non-subscription buyers at relevant points in their return purchase path


Certified Piedmontese achieved 21:1 ROI, increasing email leads by 700%, gaining millions of dollars in lead revenue, lifting conversion rates by up to 9%, and boosting average order values by 3% among the traffic served with experiences.

To help continue their growth, Certified Piedmontese counts on Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize and evolve their mobile and desktop experiences.

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