How Plant-Based Cosmetics Brand Increased Conversions by 20% with Yieldify




Lift in conversion rates

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Amy Scroope

Amy Scroope

Ecommerce Manager

Clarins is a family-run, environmentally sustainable and world-leading cosmetics company from France specializing in plant-based skincare and makeup products. 

With a distribution network in more than 150 countries, Clarins are committed to making life more beautiful while protecting biodiversity. 

At the heart of Clarins’ mission is a two-pronged promise to care for people and the planet – which they achieve by meticulously analyzing and testing ingredients worldwide to create best-in-class beauty products.


Clarins’ passion for listening to customers is one of the brand’s guiding principles. It’s been a core pillar of Clarins’ philosophy since their founding in 1954, helping them to become Europe’s leading prestige skincare brand.

But as beauty customers have taken their shopping online, it’s been a challenge for Clarins to emulate the level of first-class customer service and personalized product guidance they provide in brick-and-mortar stores.

Recognizing this, Clarins has enriched the online experience by launching a number of digital services to help customers – including skincare consultations, application tutorials, in-depth FAQs, free samples and virtual try-on services. 

For Clarins, Yieldify’s website personalization also plays an essential role in the customer experience by maximizing trial and optimizing conversion rates and AOVs. These objectives are especially important in newer markets like South Africa where ecommerce needs to be the key driver of revenue growth.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Clarins using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Increase conversions with traffic shaping experiences encouraging shoppers to take virtual consultations that help identify products most suited to their needs
  • Boost product discovery on category pages by guiding all users to book a complimentary phone consultation with a Clarins beauty specialist
  • Reduce abandonment for customers displaying hesitancy or exit intent on landing pages by spotlighting top-selling items
  • Re-engage shoppers showing tab change intent with overlays that provide basket reminders and encourage conversions by highlighting Clarins’ complimentary 3 product samples with every order
  • Increase basket values with cross-selling and upsell experiences that bring in-store interactions online by promoting low-cost, complementary items at checkout


Clarins achieved a 8:1 ROI, lifting conversion rates between 5% and 20% among the traffic served with experiences.

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