How B Corp Tile Company Increased Conversions to Achieve 11:1 ROI with Yieldify




Lift in lead-to-customer conversions


Increase in conversion rates

“Yieldify is like our third arm. I’ve worked with Yieldify at two different companies because they help me get things done. I’m able to build experiences that amplify our core marketing messages, make customers fall in love with our brand, and increase conversions and revenue.”

Annie Spaulding

Director of Ecommerce

Fireclay Tile is no ordinary company. Powered by their commitment to create a more sustainable and equal planet, Fireclay has been redefining the tile industry since 1986. 

Fireclay became the first ever certified B Corp tile company in 2014 – a goal they achieved by offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint, pledging 1% of equity and product to charity, and implementing many more social and environmental initiatives.  

Today, Fireclay’s expansive collection of sustainable tiles are proudly made to order in their factories in California and Washington.


Fireclay has three core customers: homeowners, residential designers and commercial designers. Each group has its own set of distinct requirements, but they all face the same challenge when they’re buying tiles: an abundance of choice.

Tiling is expensive, time-intensive and particular to personal taste, so customers typically consider dozens – if not hundreds – of materials, colors, sizes, patterns, and trims before deciding which tile is best for their project.

To simplify this high-involvement buying process, Fireclay provides customers with one-on-one assistance from experienced design consultants, photorealistic rendering, free tile samples, and more. Together, this step-by-step support process helps transform design ideas into dream installations and gives Fireclay a competitive advantage. 

Tasked with building more customer awareness of their design expertise and support, Fireclay’s ecommerce team turned to Yieldify’s personalization platform to develop their on-site messaging strategy, connect more customers with design consultants, and streamline the path to purchase. 


Fireclay used Yieldify’s analytics, testing technology and personalized experiences to understand their audience, educate customers and increase revenue:

  • Drive high-quality email sign-ups using a layered lead generation strategy with messaging that adapts to page type
  • Raise brand awareness to increase sales with native-looking, embedded banners spotlighting Fireclay’s environmentally sustainable and American Made USPs 
  • Increase conversions with highly targeted, user-friendly CTAs that guide high-intent customers to Fireclay’s personalized design assistance service
  • Tackle browse abandonment by spotlighting Fireclay’s wide selection of free samples to shoppers displaying exit intent behaviors
  • Maximize sales among mobile customers with targeted notifications that highlight Fireclay’s core marketing initiatives around sampling, shipping, and design assistance


Fireclay lifted lead-to-customer conversions by 18% and increased conversion rates by up to 15% among the traffic served with experiences – achieving an 11:1 return on investment. 

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