How France’s No. 1 Garden Center Lifted Conversions and AOVs to Achieve 25:1 ROI with Yieldify




Increase in conversion rates


Improvement in AOVs

“Yieldify’s data analytics and intuitive personalization features make them a great partner. Not only have we been able to hard-code winning experiences into our site through successful A/B tests which have later been developed by our team, we’ve also optimized our UX and conversion rate to increase revenue.”

Margaux Huet

Project Manager CRO & UX

Founded in 1977, Gamm vert is France’s No. 1 garden center, selling an extensive range of plants, flowers, seeds, tools, decorations, furniture and pet products in 1000+ stores nationwide.

A subsidiary of InVivo – France’s leading agricultural cooperative group – Gamm vert are inspiring an entire nation of gardeners with their horticultural expertise and high-quality products.


Gamm vert’s brick-and-mortar stores are the go-to for all things gardening in France – a hub where customers can get one-to-one advice from gardening specialists, see what products look like in person, and buy everything they need to create their dream garden. 

Gamm vert’s exceptional in-store experience has been a driving force behind their rapid expansion – and now they’re accelerating that growth through their ecommerce site. Recognizing that personalization technology could help encourage customers to buy more online, Gamm vert turned to Yieldify.

By leveraging Yieldify’s personalization platform and fully managed service team, Gamm vert have unlocked deeper audience insights, replicated their in-store experience online, reached new audiences, streamlined the path to purchase, and maximized sales. 


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Gamm vert using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities:

  • Increase conversions with dynamic social proof experiences that respond to real-time stock scarcity and product popularity
  • Maximize online sales with geo-targeted messages highlighting click-and-collect options based on the shopper’s location
  • Boost conversions and build brand prestige by spotlighting exceptional customer reviews on product pages
  • Increase sales by displaying UX-optimized add-to-cart options when shoppers reach the specified scroll depth threshold
  • Recover lost revenue with basket abandonment messaging that responds to on-site exit intent behaviors
  • Lift average order values using embedded progress bars that incentivize home delivery based on the customer’s basket value


Gamm vert increased conversion rates by up to 24%, and improved average order values by 6% with users that were served the experiences – achieving a 25:1 return on investment.

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