How Globally Renowned Beauty Brand Boosted AOVs by up to 33% with Yieldify


Conversion rate uplift


Increase in AOVs

“Yieldify’s winning combination of technology and team forms a valuable part of our digital strategy for L’Oréal brands, driving increased conversion rates, average order values, and ROI.”

Pilar Ruiz de Temiño

Senior Digital Manager

Kiehl’s is a premium brand specializing in naturally inspired skincare, body, hair and men’s products. Acquired by L’Oréal, Kiehl’s is one of the world’s most recognized and fastest growing health and beauty brands.


Beauty and personal care is a behemoth industry with high-growth expectations. It is also considered a highly competitive industry, with major brand players and well-funded start-ups battling for market share amid rapidly changing consumer demands.

Kiehl’s success stems from its authentic products and the strong relationships it builds with customers. The brand’s in-store experience is renowned for its knowledgeable service advisors that can educate customers about each product’s unique selling points and appropriately encourage purchasing and trial.

Replicating these personalized experiences online is problematic. Which USPs, samples, incentives and upsell opportunities should customers receive? What are the optimal moments in the customer journey? How can experiences be delivered in a premium manner?

The problem to solve is especially important in newer markets like Spain where ecommerce is expected to be a major driver of growth.


Yieldify identified several personalization opportunities for Kiehl’s using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Maximize conversion rates with visitors and customers by personalizing experiences at optimal moments in the customer journey using relevant USPs, sampling, satisfaction guarantees and delivery options
  • Increase trial and customer loyalty by providing shoppers with the appropriate incentives and samples based on items in cart, basket values and propensities for cross-selling
  • Reduce cart abandonment with shoppers expressing exit intent behaviors by providing differing shipping options


Kiehl’s Spain lifted conversion rates by up to 78% and improved average order values by up to 33% among the traffic served with experiences.

Digital has played a major role in Kiehl’s rise including the use of Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize and evolve their mobile and desktop experiences.

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