How Award-Winning D2C Wine Company Achieved 79:1 ROI with Yieldify




Lift in conversion rates


Higher AOVs

“Yieldify’s expertise helps Laithwaites better identify website personalization and optimization opportunities. Because their technology is agile, we are also able to bring often complex concepts to market quickly.”

David Wood

Performance Marketing & Web Optimization Manager

Laithwaites is a family-run, environmentally conscious and serial award-winning D2C wine company with more than 50 years’ experience in procuring and selling wine individually, in cases and through subscriptions.

From Chile’s Elqui Valley to the underground cellars of Mileștii Mici in Moldova, Laithwaites is on a crusade to tell the stories of the world’s wines and the people who make them. By going directly to smaller, family-run wineries in every corner of the world, Laithwaites guarantees authenticity in every bottle for their fast-growing and diverse customer base.

Judged for quality, value and character, just 800 out of 40,000 bottles tasted by Laithwaites make the grade each year – ensuring they deliver magic in a box for every customer.


Laithwaites’ mission is to help customers discover a world of wine. To achieve this, Laithwaites is committed to forming exceptional relationships with consumers and producers.

Recognizing the power of personalization to better connect customers to the romance of the traditional wine world and communicate their brand story, Laithwaites partners with Yieldify.

Through our collaboration, Laithwaites utilizes Yieldify’s capabilities for embedded content, A/B/n testing and strategic account support to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue by converting interest into greater sales and loyalty.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Laithwaites:

  • Increase trial and conversions by surfacing USPs that are personalized based on traffic source and level of brand exposure

  • Reduce basket abandonment with shoppers expressing exit intent behaviors with messages designed to encourage checkout

  • Motivate same-day checkout with returning shoppers who have exhibited purchase intent by surfacing messaging that counts down the time remaining to secure next day delivery

  • Increase AOVs and lifetime value by targeting customers at points in the purchase funnel with messaging for relevant wines and offerings that promote cross sells and upsells

  • Build brand loyalty by collecting customer feedback on current wine purchases and gather insights into future needs


Laithwaites lifted conversion rates between 4% and 19% and average order values by 7% among the traffic served with experiences, achieving a 79:1 ROI.

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