How Premium Linen Brand Boosted Conversions and Achieved 34:1 ROI with Yieldify


Return on investment

“I’ve now worked with Yieldify at two companies because their tech and team are best-in-class. At Linen House, we’ve achieved record membership database gains, improved promo engagement, increased conversions and importantly grown revenue.”

Bruce Read

Ecommerce Manager

Linen House is a high-growth premium bed and bath linen brand from Australia recognized for its fashion-forward designs and fabrics, exceptional product quality, advanced manufacturing technology and corporate responsibility.

Linen House has grown by expanding their geographic presence and implementing a multichannel strategy that encompasses offline and online retail partnerships, brick-and-mortar stores and a thriving ecommerce website.


Bed and bath linen is one of the fastest growing segments in the global home decor market. The key drivers of growth include the modern desire for self-expression and its extension to our homes, the proliferation of new products and choices as well as the increasing awareness that sleep is vital to physical and mental wellbeing.

Since bed and bath linen is such a high-involvement purchase decision, consumers will browse multiple sites to explore ideas and compare offerings. This makes it a considerable challenge to convert visitors and keep existing customers loyal.

Linen House turned to personalization to better communicate their brand story, connect experiences across the customer journey and make shopping easier.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Linen House using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Increase high-quality email signup volume with personalized messaging about the benefits of the loyalty program at upper funnel points in visitors’ customer journey 
  • Optimize in-session sales using social proof experiences to make shoppers aware of current product demand and potential for stock scarcity
  • Maximize conversions by targeting hesitant shoppers with messaging about the buy now, pay later option with Afterpay and installments due based on cart value
  • Recover lost revenue from shoppers who have abandoned their carts with remarketing emails incorporating personalized re-engagement messaging, sequencing and item content


Linen House increased loyalty sign-ups and lifted revenue with gains in conversion rates and average order values which achieved a 34:1 ROI.

To help continue their success, Linen House depends on Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize and evolve their mobile and desktop experiences.

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