How Fast-Growing Women’s Fashion Brand Boosted Email Leads by 116% with Yieldify




Increase in email leads

5% to 17%

Lift in conversion rates and AOVs

“Yieldify’s technology, data-centric methods and team drive fantastic results and ROI. We need to be agile when it comes to customer demand and ensuring fantastic experiences – Yieldify is integral to achieving this goal.”

Chantel Brayley, Petal & Pup

Chantel Brayley

Head of Marketing

Petal & Pup is an online fashion destination specializing in affordable, on-trend young women’s apparel that rose from a humble home start-up in Australia to a hyper-growth international ecommerce brand, serving more than 80 countries worldwide.


Petal & Pup has discovered a global audience clamoring for its products. The brand regularly merchandises over 1,000 different styles online at any time and the range is consistently updated with upwards of 80 new arrivals each week.

However, while Fashion and Apparel is the second-largest retail category and growing leaps and bounds online, brands in this industry face a notoriously competitive environment: traffic volumes are strong, abandonment rates are high and retaining customers is a challenge.

This creates a need for scaling companies like Petal & Pup to implement personalization technology that is agile and delivers tangible revenue results.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Petal & Pup using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Maximize newsletter and email signups by personalizing lead capture experiences to the different needs of new visitors versus returning shoppers
  • Reduce exit rate among early funnel browsers with a filter by size option on category pages, giving shoppers a more personalized product selection
  • Increase conversions and order values with messaging tailored to new and current customers based on product arrivals, style drops, cross merchandise and shipping options
  • Improve in-session sales with shoppers exhibiting cart abandonment behaviors with targeted social proof experiences that reassure product quality or create urgency based on product demand and scarcity


Petal & Pup achieved 77:1 ROI, increasing email leads by 116% and lifting conversion rates and average order values between 5% and 17% among the traffic served with experiences.

Petal & Pup is dedicated to ensuring its customers receive the very best shopping experience every step of the way including their choice of Yieldify’s platform and services to better personalize mobile and desktop experiences.

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