How Market-Leading Games Company Lifted Revenues Between 5% and 29% with Yieldify



5% to 29%

Uplift in revenue

“With Yieldify’s technology, we’re able to identify and unlock personalization opportunities that increase conversions and build customer loyalty.”

Jérémy Sulzer

Chief Marketing Officer

Playin by Magic Bazar is a French company specializing in the sale of trading card games, board games, miniature games and accessories shipping to more than 180 countries worldwide.

The games company is the French leader for everything related to Magic: The Gathering – the world’s premier trading card game. They also sell a variety of other universally renowned games including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Warhammer.

Playin’s mission is to cement their position as the French leader for all things Magic: The Gathering and inspire a passion for games with the general public.


The fanatical nature and nostalgic appeal of card games drives sustained product demand from players. Meanwhile, the scarcity of cards has piqued the interest of investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with collectible items. As a result, the analog trading card game industry has stood the test of time and continues to grow.

Card game players need to update and improve their decks regularly to remain competitive in battle, so customers are rarely one-time buyers. As long as players are playing, they will invest in new products to vanquish their opponents.

This presents huge upselling and cross-selling opportunities for Playin, as well as ideal conditions to build long-lasting customer bonds using the power of Yieldify’s personalization technology.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Playin using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Maximize sign-ups and bolster email marketing campaigns with lead capture experiences designed to acquire a deeper understanding of a shopper’s gaming interests
  • Boost conversions by re-engaging existing customers showing exit intent with basket reminders highlighting Playin’s loyalty program and points accumulated
  • Build brand authority with quality assurance experiences presenting relevant 5-star reviews in eye-catching, comic book style designs
  • Drive upsells with notifications about discounted bundle deals to promote the sale of recently released products


Playin achieved a 49:1 ROI, increasing conversion rates and average order values that resulted in revenue gains between 5% and 29% among the traffic served with experiences.

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