How California-Born Professional Hair Care Brand Lifted Conversions by up to 14% with Yieldify




Improvement in quiz participation


Increase in lead generation


Lift in conversion rates and average order values

“Yieldify have been instrumental in our drive to lift quiz participation and email capture. With their full-service support, we’ve also increased conversions and customer retention by providing deeply personalized product recommendation experiences.”

Janine Weltz

Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Founded in California in 2001 and later acquired by L’Oréal, Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for color-treated hair.

Pureology has become the number one professional color care authority and brand in the US – owing to their customized, high-performance formulas which are developed using 100% vegan, paraben-free and sulfate-free ingredients.

All of Pureology’s professional-grade products are made with sustainability, beauty and integrity in mind, helping people to easily maintain their fresh-from-the-salon look while protecting hair health.


Demand for Pureology products continues to grow as consumers increasingly turn to sustainable and organic formulations and treatments that can elevate their hair care routine. However, finding the perfect products most suited to an individual’s unique hair needs and goals is not clear-cut.

To help consumers navigate this more complicated buying process, Pureology offers personalized product recommendations via an interactive hair care quiz. The information collected from the quiz is also used to personalize remarketing campaigns.

Pureology partnered with Yieldify because online quiz engagement is vital to the customer experience, purchase decision and brand loyalty. By leveraging Yieldify’s industry-leading personalization technology and analytics, Pureology drove quiz participation, increased lead generation and grew sales.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Pureology:

  • Guide hesitant first-time shoppers and repeat visitors who have not purchased to the quiz with call-to-action messaging that emphasizes customer value
  • Inspire sales among new shoppers who have completed the quiz but not purchased by surfacing their personalized product recommendations in subsequent visits
  • Optimize email signups by addressing shoppers who have completed the quiz but not subscribed with timely reminder messaging
  • Increase awareness and trial by dynamically spotlighting each product’s most valued USP on product pages


Pureology achieved 2:1 ROI, improving quiz participation by 34%, increasing lead generation by 4X, and lifting conversion rates and average order values by up to 14% among the traffic served with experiences.

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