How Australia’s Flag Carrier Airline Increased Marketplace Conversion Rates to Achieve 15:1 ROI with Yieldify


Return on investment


Increase in conversion rates

“With Yieldify, we’ve been able to gain a deeper understanding of our Frequent Flyer members, and develop a strategy to optimize every step of the on-site customer journey. Through Yieldify’s personalization platform, we display relevant messages at the perfect moment to move visitors towards purchase, driving significant increases in our on-site conversion rates.”

Gina Connew

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Founded in 1920, Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier airline and one of the country’s most well-known brands, serving more than 50 million passengers traveling on nearly 100 domestic and international routes every year.

Qantas Loyalty, one of the Qantas Group’s subsidiaries, is the brand behind Qantas Marketplace – a platform where frequent flyers can spend and earn Qantas points on more than 20,000 products from 900 premium and household brands.


With award-winning airport lounges, exceptional in-flight services and state-of-the-art aircraft, the Qantas Group have been providing world-class experiences to their customers throughout their 100+ year history. It’s what sets Qantas apart and puts The Flying Kangaroo – as the brand is affectionately known – at the forefront of the airline industry. 

As part of the Qantas Group’s commitment to offer outstanding experiences across all their brands, the ecommerce team at Qantas Marketplace are always striving to raise the bar for their customers. To achieve this, Qantas Marketplace knew they needed to develop a complete understanding of their audiences, offer customers more satisfying on-site journeys and streamline their path to purchase.


Recognizing the power of personalization technology to help them achieve their objectives, Qantas Marketplace turned to Yieldify. 

Qantas Marketplace used Yieldify’s analytics, testing and personalization engine to unlock deeper audience insights, strengthen their on-site messaging, facilitate product discovery, and maximize online sales:

  • Analysis: Developed a deep understanding of on-site customer behaviors and identified audiences to target using Yieldify analytics
  • Discovery: Streamlined navigation by connecting customers to relevant products in response to on-site shopping behaviors
  • Decision: Helped customers make informed shopping decisions by spotlighting hyper-relevant content on product pages
  • Checkout: Accelerated customer conversions with highly targeted, personalized messaging to encourage same-session purchase


Qantas Marketplace increased conversions by 9% among the traffic served with experiences – achieving a 15:1 return on investment.

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