How Trailblazing Footwear Company Increased Email Leads & Conversions to Achieve 20:1 ROI with Yieldify




Increase in email leads


More revenue/lead


Lift in conversions

“Yieldify’s platform and analytics take our ecommerce sales to the next level by making it easy to optimize the customer journey – increasing lead generation, conversion rates, and overall new customer revenue.”

Casey Sneath

Director of Ecommerce

The Rockport Group is an internationally renowned American footwear company with an all-star lineup of brands including Rockport, Cobb Hill, Aravon and Dunham, serving customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Drawing on more than 50 years of experience, Rockport products are designed to blend the comfort of athletic styles with the sophisticated look of dress and casual shoes. The result is a collection of highly durable and in vogue products that power people’s lives from morning to night. 

At the core of Rockport’s ethos is a commitment to technological innovation – facilitating an expansive range of footwear styles worn by millions of consumers across the globe.


Rockport has always been ahead of the curve. They pioneered a never-before-seen approach to footwear – a remarkable blend of comfort, practicality and formality – and have remained at the forefront of footwear technology since their founding in 1971.

As leading trailblazers in the footwear-making industry, Rockport has adapted to the ecommerce boom by embracing a data-centric approach to online growth. At the heart of Rockport’s strategy is a commitment to replicating the personal in-store experience across their digital platforms.

To stay close to the data and streamline website journeys, Rockport utilizes Yieldify’s platform and market-leading services to personalize customer experiences, expand their audience and convert interest into sales.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Rockport using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities which included:

  • Acquire sign-ups that enable more valuable customer relationships with a 3-stage lead generation strategy to collect email address, mobile number and product preference
  • Drive urgency with dynamic social proof experiences spotlighting product popularity using real-time data over a 24-hour period
  • Increase conversions with promotional discount overlays and countdown timers to incentivize purchases around landmark events including the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Black Friday
  • Re-engage consumers showing exit intent with traffic shaping basket reminders that redirect them to the checkout
  • Support local brick-and-mortar stores by enabling their customers to buy via Rockport’s website and contribute a share of each sale back to the retailer


Rockport achieved a 20:1 ROI, increasing email leads by 11%, delivering 30% more revenue per lead, and lifting conversions by 11% among the audiences served with experiences.

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