How Market-Leading Performance Sock Brand Lifted Conversions and Loyalty Program Sign-Ups to Achieve 48:1 ROI with Yieldify




Increase in lead generation


Increase in conversion rates


Uplift in loyalty program sign-ups

“We’ve taken our ecommerce sales to the next level with Yieldify’s incredible platform and analytics. Yieldify’s proactive team is a pleasure to work with, helping us A/B test strategies throughout the customer journey to drive increases in lead generation, conversion rates and overall new customer revenue.”

John Faircloth

Digital Marketing Strategist

Made in the USA from sustainably homegrown merino wool, Sockwell’s compression socks are considered by professionals to be the best socks in the world. 

Sockwell offers its customers – whether medical professionals, expectant mothers, teachers or athletes – a variety of innovative solutions ranging from lifestyle and sport compression socks, to socks for plantar fasciitis relief, bunion relief and everyday comfort.

By spinning innovative technology with fresh, modern styling for a lifestyle look, Sockwell have reinvented the therapeutic sock to help customers Feel Better in Style. 


Operating in the world’s largest market for compression socks, US-based Sockwell is well positioned to grow, as increasing awareness of the health benefits of compression technology has boosted consumer demand for performance socks. 

Thanks to its high-quality, comfortable products, a proud commitment to sustainable manufacturing and a successful loyalty program, Sockwell achieves exceptionally high rates of repeat purchase. However, the brand’s key challenge is strengthening brand awareness and gaining trial.

Recognizing that personalization technology could help drive acquisition and retention, Sockwell turned to Yieldify’s industry-leading platform to better educate shoppers about its brand values, build deeper customer connections, expand its customer base and grow loyalty program sign-ups.


Yieldify identified numerous personalization opportunities for Sockwell using its advanced analytics, testing and optimization capabilities, which included:

  • Drive high-quality email and SMS sign-ups using layered lead capture experiences that trigger at value-added moments in the customer’s journey
  • Spotlight Sockwell’s Made in the USA messaging at critical touchpoints to increase product trial among shoppers who are new to the brand
  • Fast-track returning shoppers through the funnel to maximize sales by displaying recently viewed products on high-impact pages
  • Increase conversions and validate customer decisions on product pages with social proof experiences highlighting real-time popularity
  • Lift conversion rates and drive checkout urgency with basket reminder messaging on website entry 
  • Accelerate loyalty program sign-ups by targeting returning customers with messaging that highlights key membership benefits


Sockwell lifted lead generation by 101%, increased conversions by up to 39% and improved loyalty program sign-ups by 715% among the traffic served with experiences – achieving a 48:1 return on investment.

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