How Leading D2C Houseplant Retailer Lifted Conversion Rates by up to 21% with Yieldify




Increase in lead generation


Improvement in lead-to-customer conversions


Lift in conversion rates

“With Yieldify’s granular data segmentation and analytics, we’re able to step back and better understand our customer needs. The result is easy to test, effective campaigns that drive high ROI. Yieldify is like a flashlight in the dark.”

Dan Anderson The Sill

Dan Anderson

VP, Ecommerce & Engineering

The Sill is a leading D2C houseplant retailer in the United States, selling plants, planters and plant care products to beginner and experienced plant parents via their ecommerce site and brick-and-mortar stores.

Guided by CEO and Founder Eliza Blank’s love for biophilic design and the mantra that plants make people happy, The Sill is committed to enriching people’s lives through a connection to plants and the community.

Whether people choose an American palm, a European ivy or an East Asian fern, The Sill is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of plant parents, empowering them with in-depth advice on an extensive range of products.


The Sill has revolutionized a traditionally offline industry by bringing houseplants and plant care products online. In a sector where many people value the face-to-face shopping experience, The Sill has witnessed just how vital it is to build strong relationships with their customers and offer everyone a wonderful plant care journey – whether they shop online or instore.

Recognizing this, The Sill is committed to replicating their customer-focused instore experiences by using Yieldify’s personalization technology on their website. They count on Yieldify to learn more about their customer needs, build their email and SMS database, convert more online traffic into sales and foster stronger brand loyalty.


Yieldify helped The Sill identify numerous personalization opportunities using their analytics, testing and optimization capabilities, including:

  • Drive high-quality email signup volume with lead capture experiences layered at value-added moments in the customer journey
  • Increase conversions on high-traffic pages by building customer trust with social proof experiences and USP messaging, including product popularity, money-back guarantee and customer support
  • Maximize revenue during major events like Valentine’s Day, sale periods and new product launches, by helping guide shoppers to product lines most relevant to them using creative and copy tailored to their interests
  • Improve new customer conversion rates by geo-targeting shoppers who are located near one of The Sill’s stores with messaging that encourages them to visit instore for on-hand help and service
  • Increase cross-selling and AOVs by recommending complementary products to high-value customers buying advanced houseplants


The Sill increased lead generation by 65%, improved lead-to-customer conversions by 126%, and lifted conversion rates and AOVs by up to 21% among the traffic served with experiences. The Sill’s on-site personalization strategy generated a 36:1 ROI.

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