Yieldify Accessibility – Overview

Updated 25/09/2021 20:40

As a customer journey optimization platform, Yieldify remains committed to supporting the needs of all customer journeys and providing marketers the tools to reach users through Yieldify’s dynamic experiences.

As part of this commitment, the Yieldify service is designed with accessibility in mind and uses Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 as a guide to provide accessibility to a high standard.

Learn more about Yieldify accessibility capabilities and how our Services team supports in building accessible messaging below:

Accessibility options:

Design components, the building blocks of Yieldify experience, are built with accessibility in mind. Across these components, we apply the following options:

Aria Labels: Aria Labels can be applied to each modal and can be modified for each layer of a Yieldify campaign, allowing you to fully describe an experience to your audience

Image Accessibility: Apply image descriptions to all visuals in your Yieldify design to enable screen readers to fully describe your content

Close Buttons Accessibility: Close buttons are the last element to be read by screen readers in Yieldify designs. All center screen overlay messages can be closed via the esc key as well

Design Copy Accessibility: Text placed on your designs can be built to be read by screen readers

Lead / Form Capture Accessibility:

Custom Validation Messaging: In the case where a user skips a step in your form, Yieldify enables you to display a custom validation message to drive users to complete the form.

Access to all form capture methods: Whether you want to capture information by a form field, drop down menu, checkboxes, or radio buttons, Yieldify allows all messaging to be browser focus enabled

Browser Focus:  Focus Indicators with easy to see visuals can be applied across all points of engagement in Yieldify designs, allowing users to know exactly where they will engage next

Tab Ordering: Yieldify designs automate the tab order of your design based on reading image components from top left to bottom right or top right to bottom left, based on your website’s language

Accessibility Service Support:

To facilitate your Yieldify experiences being designed for all users, Yieldify offers accessible design support for experiences placed on your website. This includes:

Aria / Image Labelling: Your Yieldify CSM can show you the labelling and tagging used on  all designs prior to going live on your website

Tab Ordering: Your Yieldify CSM will be able to confirm tab order of any experience content prior to going live

Color Pairing: Our in-house design team can build on-site visuals to have WCAG AAA color contrast

QA Testing: All campaigns can be tested via our internal QA team using screen readers, prior to going live

With Yieldify’s accessibility options and Services team support, we are ready to design accessible experiences from the onset through a team informed by the latest best practices to provide an efficient campaign build experience

By applying these guidelines, Yieldify can facilitate messages being read by a screen reader and navigated by keyboard, offering flexibility to all users on your website