Fight cart abandonment

Yieldify is an effective cart abandonment software solution that’s proven to mitigate exit intent and reunite visitors with their abandoned carts to drive sales.

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Fight Cart Abandonment

Main reasons for cart abandonment

Long and confusing checkout process

Long and confusing checkout process

Convenience is key for modern-day consumers and unnecessary steps disrupt the customer journey and damage conversions.

There's a cheaper alternative elsewhere

There’s a cheaper alternative elsewhere

Everyone wants to secure the best deal and consumers will often carry out price comparisons across multiple sites. Can you prevent it?

Unexpected fees and shipping costs

Unexpected fees and shipping costs

A lack of transparency around fees and shipping costs can be catastrophic for sales, especially if only presented at checkout.

Recover lost revenue
with Yieldify’s cart abandonment software

Smart campaign triggers

Stop revenue from walking out the door with Yieldify’s on-site behavior tracking, which enables you to intervene as soon as exit intent is identified.

Drive the urgency to purchase in-session with eye-catching campaigns and dynamic elements, such as countdown timers to inform your visitor of deadlines or dynamic social proof to create FOMO by showing how many others are engaging with a product.

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Personalized email flows

Cut through the noise with Yieldify’s impactful email remarketing functionality, leveraging abandoned cart data, cart value, and the user’s on-site behavior.

As soon as the visitor exits, activate email flows to engage customers with personalized incentives that encourage them to pick up from where they left off. Easily A/B test different email formats to determine which carry the most impact and adapt your messaging.

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Strategic insights and reporting

Yieldify’s dedicated client success team is committed to delivering excellent ROI on any cart recovery campaign we create. With a wealth of data accessible within the platform, it’s easy to determine how well a campaign performed at a glance. But we go further than that.

Our consultants provide valuable insights that tell you the full end-to-end story, allowing you to capitalize on your successes and continually evolve your campaigns.

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End-to-end campaign management

We are experts in our field, providing highly effective cart abandonment software solutions for hundreds of e-commerce businesses worldwide. Our experienced consultants deliver fully managed campaign experiences for our customers, with no coding or IT resource required.

Simply share your objectives and we will devise a customer journey strategy, form copy and design, putting everything live so that you can quickly watch the results come in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are abandoned carts?

Abandoned carts are the virtual baskets on eCommerce websites that contain products but didn’t reach checkout due to the visitor leaving the web page. Because the user didn’t complete the CTA, the cart/basket would be considered abandoned.

What is a good shopping cart abandonment rate?

The average cart abandonment rate for eCommerce retailers currently sits at 67.91%, with anything below that considered as ‘good’. However, cart abandonment rates can vary between industry verticals and brands will typically fall within the bracket of 60-80%. A website with a fully optimized cart abandonment process can expect to see this rate drop to as low as 20%.

How do you stop a shopping cart abandonment?

There are several ways that you can mitigate cart abandonment, these include:
– Send personalized remarketing emails;
– Use a countdown timer to create urgency;
– Display social proof to build trust;
– Be transparent on shipping costs early in the customer journey;
– Offer the user a money-off incentive.
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