Customer Journey Analysis

Start your strategy with customer journey mapping

Why Customer Journey Analysis?

Effective CJO strategies start with a hard look at data

Start Out Right

Start Out Right

Give your strategy a strong foundation using your customer journey data

Offload the Complexity

Offload the Complexity

Get your day back – we only need 5 hours of your time per month

Beyond the Transactional

Beyond the Transactional

Base your campaigns on the big picture and never miss another opportunity

Customer Journey Analysis in More Detail 

User Journey Analysis

Whether you’re using Google Analytics or another tool, we’ll use your data to segment your website visitors before mapping and understanding their behaviors and interactions.

eCommerce sales funnel

Conversion Funnel Analysis

With a clear picture of your user journeys, we tie that analysis back to your goals. We review your customer journey with respect to what you’re trying to achieve, whether that’s PPC conversion, cart abandonment, lead generation or something else entirely!

Opportunity Diagnosis

With a clear picture of your customer journey in hand, we’re able to identify your opportunities. We identify the ‘moments of truth’ in which optimizing your customer journey will make the biggest impact, drawing on over 30 billion datapoints’ worth of data.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer journey Analytics?

Customer journey analytics refers to the continuous process of reviewing your customer journey with the aim of improving conversions. This could be reviewing drop off percentages at certain stages, reducing basket abandonment or identifying the need to convert new users better.

How do you Analyse customer journey?

Analyzing the customer journey begins by mapping various customer touchpoints and analyzing your performance at each one, identifying areas for improvement. At Yieldify our platform can do all this for you and quickly identify areas for improvement.

What are the steps of the consumer journey?

There are four main steps in the customer journey.
1. Awareness (researching products or services)
2. Consideration (identifying 3-4 potential solutions)
3. Desire (evaluating final set of options)
4. Action (purchase)

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