Get more out of your tech stack

Whether it’s your ESP, SMS platform or CRM, make the tools you count on work harder. Sync your tech providers, increase their personalization capabilities and improve ROI.

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“Yieldify has helped us to implement smart, effective optimization solutions quickly, particularly in areas where capability was not possible with our existing web platform.”

Boost Your Tech Stack

Analytics Platforms 

Centralize your personalization reporting in your analytics platform. Segment audiences by your preferred metrics.

Learn more: Analytics Platforms


Enhance your CRM profiles with customer info captured in experiences. Run user-specific experiences using your CRM data.

Learn more: CRM Integrations

Ecommerce Platforms 

Personalize experiences with sales alerts and stock level notifications, respond to shopper login status and run product surveys.

Learn more: Ecommerce Platform Integrations

Email Service Providers

Automatically send the leads you capture in experiences to your ESP. Pass visitor activity to your ESP for rich email personalization.

Learn more: ESP Integrations

SMS Marketing Platforms

Test the best ways to personalize your phone number capture. Run connected experiences for your visitors landing from SMS.

Learn more: SMS Integrations

Review Platforms

Display reviews and product ratings in Yieldify experiences. Test and optimize the best way to showcase shopper opinions.

Learn more: Review Integrations

Product Recommendations

Integrate your trusted product recommendation engine with the Yieldify platform.

Learn more: Product Recommendations Integrations

Optimization Platforms

Integrate your optimization platform with Yieldify. Surface product recommendations across your website, display dynamic reviews and highlight loyalty program points. 

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Customer Data Platforms

Get to know your customers better. Connect your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Learn more: CDP Integrations

Data Layers

Run personalized messaging and custom experiences with information from your website’s data layer.

Learn more: Data Layer Integrations

Click to Call

Make it easy for shoppers on mobile to contact your team via a Yieldify experience. Plus track and report when visitors call you.

Learn more: Click-to-Call Integrations

Inventory Management

Help your visitors with low-stock notifications. Displaying stock availability via Yieldify experiences.

Learn more: Inventory Management Integrations

Get more from your tech stack

  • Improve the ROI of your other providers and tools
  • Increase revenue across your other ecommerce channels
  • Count on Yieldify engineers to support your integrations, even custom APIs

“Yieldify has allowed us to create dynamic onsite messaging campaigns with ease and with a quick integration.”

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