14 Social Proof Software to Skyrocket Sales

Published: Dec 20, 2022

In the last five years alone, industry estimates suggest customer acquisition costs have risen by 60%. If your ecommerce brand is getting diminishing returns from PPC advertising and your other acquisition sources, adding social proof to your website can help.

Social proof is a psychologically powerful tool you can use to remove customer hesitation, validate decisions and drive urgency – and it’s more effective (and in my experience usually cheaper) at increasing sales than your own marketing material.

According to Nielsen, 92% of customers trust non-paid advice over paid adverts. So, if you want to lift conversion rates, start using your brand’s biggest advocates and most prolific marketers: your current customers. 

Here’s how you can use social proof on your website: 

In this blog I’ll review 14 of the best social proof tools on the market to help you choose the right one for your business. The tools fall into three categories:

If you’re looking for software to lift conversion rates using a variety of CRO techniques, check out our post outlining the best CRO tools. Otherwise, let’s dive in. 

Disclaimer: Yieldify is our product. We’ve done our best to present the information fairly because we want to help you make an educated decision but we’re especially proud of what we offer. We’ve seen it transform conversion rates, lead generation and revenue for so many brands – large and small – all over the world. You may have seen we use the Yieldify platform and services on our own website too. Learn more here and schedule a call with an advisor

14 Social Proof Software to skyrocket sales

  1. Yieldify
  2. Optimizely
  3. AB Tasty
  4. Personyze
  5. ProveSource
  6. Proof
  7. Fomo
  8. Proven
  9. Provely
  10. Boast
  11. Trustmary
  12. Stamped
  13. Yotpo 
  14. Repuso

All-in-one CRO platforms 

1. Yieldify

Yieldify's homepage

Yieldify is a fully managed personalization platform that helps ecommerce businesses generate more revenue by engaging their customers with personalized experiences. Their social proof functionality is a highly rated feature that will help you increase your website’s conversion rates.

Top features

Real-time customer activity: With Yieldify, you can show customers almost any real-time customer activity to validate interest and drive urgency. For example, you can show shoppers how many customers recently: 

Brand-building: Use social proof to establish customer trust from website entry through to checkout with trust badges and customer testimonials. 

Fully customizable: Rely on Yieldify’s full service team of creative designers and technical engineers to build any social proof design you want. 

Audience segmentation: Create social proof messages that reach your customers at optimal moments in their journey with Yieldify’s extensive range of targeting & triggering rules.

A/B & A/B/n testing: Achieve your highest possible conversion rate by testing up to 5 different variations of a single social proof experience, tweaking the messaging, design and placement to uncover your best performing campaign.

In-depth analysis: Go beyond Google Analytics and dig deeper into your customer journey data to identify where social proof will drive the biggest uplift in conversion rates.

Integrations: Integrate Yieldify with all major review platforms – Feefo, Trustpilot, Yotpo, Google Reviews, Bazaarvoice – to highlight customer testimonials at key touch points.

Social proof experience run by New Balance

Pros of Yieldify

Customer testimonials on Spongelle's website

Cons of Yieldify


Speak to Yieldify’s sales team for more information on pricing.

“Yieldify’s flexibility and breadth means we can rapidly turn ideas into action and deliver revenue growth across consumer journey touchpoints. Our account manager is a valued partner and extension of our team.”


“With Yieldify’s granular data segmentation and analytics, we’re able to step back and better understand our customer needs. The result is easy to test, effective campaigns that drive high ROI. Yieldify is like a flashlight in the dark.”


2. Optimizely

Optimizely's homepage

Optimizely is an all-in-one personalization platform designed primarily for customers to run in-page tests and experiences. From content management to web experimentation, Optimizely offers a range of packages to help customers enhance digital experiences. Social proof software is included as part of an AI-powered Digital Experience Platform that delivers a range of personalized experiences and product recommendations.

Top features

A/B testing: Test the effectiveness of your social proof experiences with Optimizely’s powerful front-end A/B and multi-page testing software.

Built for enterprise: Optimizely’s features are designed to meet the advanced technical needs of enterprise-sized businesses.

Comprehensive support: With a global developer community, in-depth documentation, knowledge base and dedicated Slack channels, Optimizely provides plenty of resources to help you navigate technical challenges.

Pros of Optimizely

Cons of Optimizely


Speak to Optimizely’s sales team for a quote tailored to your business requirements.

3. AB Tasty

AB Tasty's homepage

Designed as both a marketing and engineering solution, AB Tasty is an in-page personalization platform designed to test, optimize, and deploy in-page webpage modifications. AB tasty has helped brands like Decathlon and NYX Professional Makeup increase website transactions and click-through rates by A/B testing social proof experiences on product pages.

Top features

Triggering: Use AB Tasty’s range of display rules – including page load, scroll depth and exit intent – to trigger your social proof experiences at exactly the right moment.

Drag-and-drop editor: A SPA-compatible widget library lets you create social proof experiences with little or no code required.

Recurrence: Set your experiences to appear at your preferred cadence.

Pros of AB Tasty

Cons of AB Tasty


Speak to AB Tasty’s sales team for more information on pricing.

4. Personyze

Personyze's homepage

Personyze is an AI-powered omnichannel personalization and marketing automation platform which leverages social proof to help ecommerce brands lift sales. Founded in 2008, Personyze also offers customers target pop-ups, push notifications and product recommendations.

Top features

Multichannel offering: Use the power of social proof to boost sales at every digital touchpoint – including your website, email marketing and mobile apps.

Customizable widgets: Create social proof experiences to meet your design requirements or use a Personyze template.

Data integration: Automatically synchronize your product and content data using Personyze’s site content crawler.

Pros of Personyze

Cons of Personyze


Personyze pricing plans range from $0 to $1450 per month for their Enterprise package.

Specialist social proof platforms 

5. ProveSource

ProveSource homepage

With more than 25k customers in 104 countries worldwide, ProveSource is a social proof solution helping businesses turn data into insights that drive more website conversions. ProveSource’s feature-rich platform is designed to create a busy-store feeling on your site.

Top features

Triggering rules: Set your social proof experiences to appear at optimal moments.

Mobile-ready: ProveSource’s technology makes it easy to display device-responsive social proof notifications on your mobile site.

Customer activities: Leverage a full range of different social proof techniques – including recent conversions, trust-building and live visitor count – to build hype for your product or service. 

Pros of ProveSource

Cons of ProveSource


ProveSource packages range from $0 to $45 per month.

6. Proof

Proof homepage

Proof is a platform aimed at entrepreneurs, marketing directors and marketing agencies. By adding a human touch to websites, Proof helps more than 25,000 businesses increase lead generation and conversion rates. 

Top features

Hot streaks: An excellent tool for high-traffic pages, show your website visitors how many people have recently taken action on your site – such as starting a free trial.

Live Visitor Count: Display the total number of visitors currently viewing a page on your site.

A/B testing: See the full impact of your social proof experiences by splitting your traffic into subgroups. 

Pros of Proof

Cons of Proof


Proof packages start from $29 per month and rise according to your website traffic.

7. Fomo

Fomo's homepage

Fomo helps entrepreneurs display a range of customer interactions – from purchases to page views and product reviews – to leverage the most powerful form of marketing: personal recommendations. Pitching itself as the original social proof app, Fomo helps businesses all over the world increase sales, trust and credibility. 

Top features

Customizable forms: You can create unlimited message permutations using Fomo’s patent-pending architecture.

Page rules: Trigger your social proof on the right page, to the right visitor, at the right time.

Translations: Translate your social proof messages into 29 different languages.

Pros of Fomo

Cons of Fomo


Fomo’s packages range from $19 to $199 per month. 

8. Proven

Proven's homepage

Proven is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that comes with a range of features to drive more website conversions. 

Top features

Simple setup: Quickly launch social proof experiences from Proven on your WordPress website.

Triggering rules: Control the visibility of your experiences.

Customizable: Change the appearance of your social proof to stay consistent with your website’s branding.

Pros of Proven

Cons of Proven


Proven packages range from $39 for a one-site license to $99 for unlimited sites. 

9. Provely

Provely's homepage

Provely is a social proof tool that lets its customer choose 13 different types of notifications to increase on-site engagement and conversion rates. As well as serving D2C ecommerce brands, Provely provides CRO support to agencies, real estate businesses, software companies and travel agents. 

Top features

Live conversion: Show potential customers how many people have recently purchased your product or completed a sign-up.

Low stock: Drive urgency with stock scarcity messaging that displays your inventory in real time.

Timer: Add countdown timers to drive interest in time-sensitive offers.

Pros of Provely

Cons of Provely


Provely’s pricing ranges from $0 to $79 depending on how many site visitors you get each month.

Customer review platforms 

10. Boast

Boast's homepage

Boast is an all-in-one, B2B video testimonial software that helps you capture and share positive customer reviews – in photo, video and text format – to build trust with prospects and increase sales. 

Top features

Video testimonials: From automated requests to their in-app editor, Boast’s range of video testimonial features makes it simple to collect and share impactful reviews from your customers.

Online reviews: Request and collect more customer reviews to establish trust, increase visibility and maximize sales.

Customer surveys: Collect feedback from your customers to get valuable insights that help you proactively identify key areas for improvement.

Pros of Boast

Cons of Boast


Boast packages range from $50 to $208 per month.

11. Trustmary

Trustmary's homepage

Trustmary is an all-in-one review solution that makes it easy to manage all your social proof in a single platform. You can use a variety of review platform widgets – including Google, Facebook and Capterra – to help you show your business is reliable and trustworthy. 

Top features

Import reviews: Embed reviews from customer review platforms into your website with ready-made widgets that work with any CMS.

A/B testing: Compare how your customers respond to different reviews to maximize your site’s sales potential.

Lead generation pop ups: Leverage customer testimonials on your site’s opt-in forms to drive more email and SMS sign-ups.

Pros of Trustmary

Cons of Trustmary


Trustmary packages range from $0 to $590 per month.

12. Stamped

Stamped's homepage

Designed specifically for ecommerce, Stamped’s mission is to help brands build stronger customer relationships with customer reviews and loyalty. 

Top features

Product reviews and ratings: Collect customer reviews through email, Facebook Messenger and SMS using custom forms localized to 20+ languages.

Visual user-generated content: Use device-responsive, in-mail technology to capture photo and video reviews from your customers.

Points and Rewards: Incentivize purchases and increase engagement by building a custom Points and Rewards program.

Pros of Stamped

Cons of Stamped


Stamped plans range from $19 to $249 per month. Speak to Stamped’s sales team for more information about their Enterprise package.

13. Yotpo

Yotpo's homepage

Yotpo is a leading ecommerce marketing platform providing advanced solutions for SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC. With guidance from Yotpo’s customer success team, brands can leverage social proof across multiple channels to increase engagement, sales, retention, revenue and more. 

Top features

Collect and showcase: Make it simple for customers to submit feedback and share their reviews at high-intent moments.

Visual UGC: Display videos and photos of customers using your product to increase discovery and incentivize purchase.

SMSBump: Deliver personalized and A/B testable text message campaigns to foster meaningful relationships with your customers.

Pros of Yotpo

Cons of Yotpo


Yotpo packages range from $0 to $199 per month. Speak to their sales team for more information about their Enterprise offering. 

14. Repuso

Repuso's homepage

Repuso makes it easy for companies to collect social proof reviews from a huge range of channels – including Instagram, Tripadvisor and Zendesk – and display them on their website.  

Top features

Social media monitoring: Scrape customer reviews from your social media platforms with Repuso.

Dashboard: Choose the reviews you want to display on site using Repuso’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Integrations: Integrate with different channels to find and display the most positive reviews about your business.

Pros of Repuso

Cons of Repuso


Repuso’s packages range from $9 to $23 per month. 

Which of these social proof software tools is right for you?

Social proof tools are an excellent place to start when you take your first steps into CRO. The psychological power of social proof is scientifically proven, and you can easily implement it on your site using any of these 14 tools.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box solution to drive urgency, a specialist software like ProveSource or Fomo is likely to be the best social proof tool for you. But if you’re short of in-house expertise and need a more sophisticated approach to lifting conversion rates, Yieldify’s personalization platform ticks all the boxes. 

Either way, I hope this blog helped you find the best social proof software for your business.

If you’d like a preview of how you can use social proof to lift conversion rates with Yieldify, feel free to schedule a discovery call here. One of our advisors will be delighted to share more about our personalization platform.

Social Proof Software FAQs

What is social proof software?

Social proof software uses psychology to help ecommerce brands increase their online sales. By driving urgency, alluding to stock scarcity and building brand authority, social proof software can replicate the busy in-store experience online and help you boost website conversion rates. 

What are the benefits of social proof tools?

Social proof tools help you increase revenue by boosting website conversion rates. At a time when the cost of customer acquisition is on the rise, ecommerce brands are using social proof tools to extract maximum value from every website visitor. If you’re lacking the in-house expertise to launch social proof experiences and A/B test their conversion rate impact, speak to Yieldify’s sales team to see how we can help you achieve your business objectives.