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Yieldify Launches In-Page Personalization

LONDON – (MAR. 14, 2019) Yieldify, the customer journey optimization company, today announced the launch of In-Page Personalization as part of its award-winning Yieldify Conversion Platform. The new functionality allows e-commerce companies to add personalized messaging and creatives to their websites up to 5 times faster than conventional development methods.

With In-Page Personalization, clients can easily add messages and creatives to any page of the website without touching any of the page’s code. These additions can be added in minutes, appearing indistinguishable from the rest of the site’s content. With 30% of marketers recently rating Personalization as ‘difficult’ or ‘extremely difficult’, this new solution presents an answer to an urgent e-commerce problem.

Like all Yieldify personalization functionality, In-Page Personalization has the added advantage of being able to appear not only on cohort-based targeting, but through in-session behavior such as inactivity, exit intent or even hovering. This element of “in the moment” personalization elevates Yieldify’s capabilities beyond many other comparable tools.

In-Page Personalization is delivered in two ways:

  • Sticky campaigns: add content and messages that attach to almost any page element
  • Embedded campaigns: for where your page doesn’t allow space for a Sticky campaign, embed messages directly into the page

In-Page Personalization is part of the Yieldify Conversion Platform’s Website Personalization product, which can be launched in less than two weeks. The platform also delivers On-Page Personalization – behaviorally-triggered overlays, notifications and more – that appear more prominently and act as a “push” to encourage customers to purchase. In-Page Personalization provides the subtle, camouflaged “pull” counterpart. These both combine with Behavioral Segmentation and Email Remarketing as part of the full functionality of the Yieldify Conversion Platform.

Brian Crowley, Director, E-commerce and Digital Marketing at NEST Fragrances, said: “With In-Page Personalization, we’re now able to make our website content reactive to our users’ behavior in real-time. With limited resources and bandwidth, it would have been very difficult for us to deliver this on our own. Based on initial results, we’re excited to see where we can take it next.”

David Gomez, Insurance Director at AllClear Travel, said: “Changing elements of our website so that it can be properly personalized used to be one of our biggest challenges – it competed with other priorities and would take a considerable amount of time to get it live. Using Yieldify’s In-Page Personalization has been a game-changer: now it only takes minutes. It’s opened the door to a faster, more agile approach to ensuring our website performs at its best.”

Jay Radia, CEO and co-founder of Yieldify, added: “We developed this capability because nearly every client we’ve worked with has told us about how complex and time-consuming it is to personalize their websites. In-Page Personalization sets out to change all of that for good – there’s no other solution on the market that can deliver at this speed and with this level of ease.”

The announcement was made at #Journey2019, Yieldify’s flagship conference, which was held at London’s Barbican Centre and attended by over 100 marketers from across retail and travel industries.

More information about In-Page Personalization can be found on the Yieldify website.


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