Press Coverage

Yieldify named among the Best Digital Businesses in the UK

RealBusiness covers Yieldify as one of the shortlisted companies for the Amazon Growing Business Awards

The power of FOMO in marketing

ZDNet covers Yieldify’s Dynamic Social Proof

Looking beyond technology to solve CRO challenges

Yieldify raises $6m in funding and appoints John Giuliani as Chairman

TechCrunch covers our latest fundraise

How Kickers uses Yieldify’s Dynamic Social Proof

Read how the iconic shoe brand makes use of the Yieldify Conversion Platform

The perils of biases in machine learning

Our CTO, Richard Sharp delves into the topic of human influence in machine learning bias.

Unpacking Ledbury’s digital strategy

STORES magazine looks at how Yieldify is redefining the eCommerce landscape for growing online retailers.

Streamlining martech for a simpler experience

Yieldify’s CTO looks at how businesses can keep up with their customers’ evolving behaviour without ‘pressing pause on the world.’

Yieldify launches Predict and Convert

Yieldify’s new product, Predict and Convert, uses data from over 25,000 campaigns and 4.5 billion user interactions to optimise onsite...

Why machine learning needs bias training

Richard Sharp discusses why, just like people, machine learning algorithms are in need of bias training.
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